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IT Help Desk

Empresa : Safran Electronics & Defense Campo de actividad : Sistemas De Información Ubicación : Peterborough , Ontario , Canadá Tipo de contrato : Contrato determinado / Por obra y servicio Duración del contrato : Tiempo completo Titulación requerida : TSU Experiencia requerida : Más de 3 años

Descripción del puesto de trabajo

The Applications Specialist provides daily help desk support to the staff entailing PC, software and peripheral support. Also, the Applications Specialist is the primary contact for all software needs, licensing, departmental processes, budgeting and MIS project representation for enterprise software/hardware initiatives. Many of these responsibilities are shared with the Systems Specialist, however ownership for these tasks lie with the Applications Specialist.

Descripción complementaria

Assisting employees with PC maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs, backups, upgrades and general maintenance.
Perform complex installation, configuration and upgrade tasks that may require some research and analysis.
Recommend new hardware and software applications based on current technologies.
Procuring software and associated licenses – ensuring proper tracking and audit processes of all purchases.
Represent the department and act as coordinator for any growth or expansion activities.
Act as the lead in the development and support of internal intranet and external web site.
Assist in the support of performance, expandability and security of the network; providing technical support when necessary.
Assist in the support of the company's mail server, providing support when necessary.
Assist in the procurement of hardware.
Other duties as assigned.

Requisitos del puesto de trabajo

Successful completion of a post-secondary degree or diploma in Information Technology or a related field
3 years of experience in a Windows Server support and Windows networking;
1 year of experience in Linux Server support;
Experience with Windows based applications both server and client, Oracle and Outlook
Good written and verbal communications skills.
Demonstrated ability to successfully manage multiple projects and meet deadlines using very strong organizational skills.

Ability to successfully maintain PC's within the company operating at a certain capacity.
Able to proactively perform required analysis to anticipate any configuration issues or concerns. Able to competently and efficiently perform complex system installation with little user impact.
Any software or hardware recommended meets both long-term and short-term business goals and objectives.
Able to act as department emissary in activities related to growth or expansion promoting and identifying any areas of concern or opportunity as it relates to IT.
Able to aid in the creation of a functioning and user friendly web portal (both externally and internally) and provide ongoing support as changes are needed/required.
Able to maintain and keep LAN in a stable and secure state.
Ability to maintain company mail server, performing proactive maintenance when necessary and on the fly troubleshooting.
Able to purchase any necessary/needed hardware that meets business needs.
Able to proactively plan for future hardware needs/requirements.

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