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Quality Assurance Specialist

Empresa : Safran Cabin Campo de actividad : Calidad Ubicación : Kirkland , Québec , Canadá Tipo de contrato : Contrato indeterminado / Indefinido Duración del contrato : Tiempo completo Titulación requerida : Bachillerato, Preparatoria Experiencia requerida : Más de 3 años Idioma(s) hablado(s) : Francés Intermedio

Descripción del puesto de trabajo

Job Summary :

The objectives of the Quality Assurance specialist are to guarantee the conformity of the products and services delivered to the customers (internals and externals) with regulatory requirements. To ensure that all processes are followed to manufacture and deliver at the standard quality, cost and on time. S(he) conducts her/his job with a high focus on quality assurance at the production level, and to improve the quality performances, and to generate a permanent customer trust (internal and external).

Summary of Duties:

Defines, with the management of the sector, the quality objectives consistent with site objectives and ensure the implementation of effective improvement actions to:
measure the quality of products and services provided to customers (internals and externals)
ensure compliance of practices to company procedures
participate in the deployment of industrial validation processes
contribute to the FMEA, Control plan and relevant production risk avoidance mitigation process
Ensure the quality of the parts and monuments delivered:
ensure the treatment of non-conformities, as well as performing root cause analysis RCA
carry out quality surveillances, through process & product audits, and manage corrective action requests
ensure the management of the quality qualifications personnel, handling of special processes follow-up, and conformity of the means of production
ensure the interface with internal customers, suppliers and partners for manufacturing aspects
stop any action that would have unacceptable consequences on the quality of the product
Implement and maintain the transformation plan toward a quality mindset
Implement Safran Cabin standard process for quality assurance production management
Implement quality rituals to drumbeat of the production quality
Explain and understood the quality assurance production performance to all stakeholders
Set up regular product review for performance validation, with associated action plan if required
Implement quality assurance action toward the right-first-time and the zero-defect for the customers (internals and externals)
Implement problem-solving skills and processes along quality production activity.
Contribute to qualification and quality training operators
Monitor and perform First Article inspection report and information system

Requisitos del puesto de trabajo


Education: High school graduate or higher
Experience: 2 years' minimum experience in quality assurance or similar positions
Computer Skills: Proficient knowledge and experience using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Other Skills: Knowledge of Quality tools (measures in production, nonconformance, tracking, calibration,), Knowledge of Aerospace and Defense industry and its regulations, Ability to negotiate: to explain and to persuade.

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