Enhancing protection for citizens

EnhancingRafale protection for citizens

Gearing up for tomorrow's air-land combat environment, and to meet the evolving needs of armed forces, Safran is developing advanced optronic (electro-optical), avionics, inertial navigation, electronics and safety-critical software solutions. The challenge is to develop tomorrow's systems now, while maintaining impeccable quality and reliability.

Innovate everywhere

Soldiers naturally benefit from the latest innovations, such as the FELIN modernization system.


This is a real integrated suite, designed to facilitate infantry soldiers' actions in all operating environments.

JIM Compact

On land…

Extending the modernization of today's warfighters, Safran is also developing new autonomous vehicle concepts that will support soldiers in the field.


… in the air

Safran also unleashes its innovations in the air, to aid all service arms.


From tactical drone systems to advanced equipment for jet fighters, Safran allows armed forces to deploy state-of-the-art aircraft of all types.

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© Alexandre Paringaux / Safran
© Alexandre Paringaux / Safran
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© Alexandre Paringaux / Safran

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