• Copyright Anthony Pecchi / Safran Date 01/26/2015
  • Copyright Adrien Daste / Safran Date 06/18/2017
    Boeing 737
    Safran on board : CFM LEAP-1B low pressure compressor and forward sump (Safran Aero Boosters) CFM LEAP-1B engine lubrication system equipment (Safran Aero Boosters) LEAP-1B engines (within CFM International) (Safran Aircraft Engines) Wiring (Safran Electrical & Power) FADEC 4 for CFM LEAP engines (within FADEC Alliance JV) (Safran Electronics & Defense) Wheels and carbon brakes (dual-sourcing) (Safran Landing Systems) Power transmission system for CFM LEAP-1B engines (Safran Transmission Systems) Fans (Safran Ventilation Systems)
  • Copyright Alexandre Paringaux / Safran Date 07/31/2012
    Two Rafale M in flight
    Safran on board (non exhaustive):- Cockpit control components, calculators, safety equipments (Safran Aerosystems) - M88 engines (Safran Aircraft Engines)- Wiring (Safran Electrical & Power)- AASM Hammer system, inertial navigation system, FADEC (Safran Electronics & Defense)- Landing gear, braking system, wheels and carbon brakes (Safran Landing Systems)- Ejection seats (Safran Martin Baker France)- Auxiliary power unit (Safran Power Units)- Power transmission system (Safran Transmission Systems)
  • Copyright Adrien Daste / Safran Date 07/05/2018
    Intégration de la nacelle du moteur LEAP-1A équipant l'A320neo sur le site de Safran Nacelles à Hambourg
  • Copyright Adrien Daste / Safran Date 07/12/2016
    Airbus A400M
    Safran on board (non-exhaustive): - Engine components (Safran Aero Boosters) - TP400-D6 engine (within EPI) (Safran Aircraft Engines) - Sensors, FADEC (Safran Electronics & Defense) - Life vests, rafts, cockpit components (Safran Aerosystems) - Landing gear, braking system (Safran Landing Systems) - Wiring and electrical generation (Safran Electrical & Power) - Crew seats (Safran Seats)
  • Copyright Adrien Daste / Safran Date 07/19/2018
    A350-900 landing gears
  • Copyright Adrien Daste / Safran Date 06/25/2017
    Safran on board (not exhaustive): FADEC engines MTR390 Mission Preparation and Return System (Helipsys) Osiris mat viewfinder, Strix roof finder (Safran Electronics & Defense) MTR390 engines (within MTR) (Safran Helicopter Engines) Steel wheels and brakes, landing gear (Safran Landing Systems)
  • Copyright Adrien Daste / Safran Date 12/07/2017
    A400M test bench
  • Copyright Philippe Stroppa / Safran Date 03/08/2018
    School center training engines assembly in Villaroche
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