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One of the main challenges in the modernization of today's armed forces is adapting to the digital battlefield. This implies controlling intelligence, information and communications across the entire battlefield. Safran has therefore developed a system addressing soldier modernization program requirements, dubbed FELIN (Fantassin à Equipements et Liaisons INtégrés), an integrated suite of state-of-the-art equipment that addresses all operational requirements: protection, mobility, weapon use, autonomy, observation, communications, command.

FELIN is the first real integrated system for dismounted warfighters, with a number of innovative solutions that optimize the infantry soldier's operational and decision-making abilities. Qualified for use in airborne, urban, desert, jungle and mountain environments, the FELIN system includes: combat gear, weapon and scope, eyepiece for around-the-corner sighting, multifunction binoculars, communications system, terminal information system.

The system focuses on the soldier's basic functions. The scope enables night attacks within weapon range. And each soldier has his own radio, the RIF individual network. Using a processing unit connected to a small screen no larger than a PDA, the soldier controls his energy source, image transmissions, the interface between all components and radio links. He also has an osteophonic headband that transmits sounds via vibrations, enabling him to communicate while still listening to his surroundings. The radio is of course fitted with a GPS receiver, which periodically indicates his position to command units. 

An integrated system that addresses all operational requirements

Journée internationale de présentation, expérimentation technico-opérationnelle du système FELIN en combat urbain. Cenzub (centre d'entrainement en zone urbaine), Sissonne (02), le 13 avril 2011.

The ergonomically designed combat gear is light, strong, practical and ample, for greater wearing comfort. It also enhances safety by reducing the wearer's thermal and visual signature. Other advantages include its fire-resistance and modular ballistic protection, adapted to each mission.

Thanks to the around the corner sighting eyepiece on the helmet, soldiers can observe without exposing themselves. They can see their weapon's line-of-sight remotely, and, if applicable, display the image from their weapon scope on their computer.

Safran has also developed the SIT COMDÉ (Système d'Information Terminale du COMbattant DÉbarqué), a sort of laptop for the platoon leader, who can display his men's position and the photos they send him. Using this touch tablet, he receives instructions from command units, gives orders and writes reports.

More than 20,000 units of the FELIN system have been delivered to the French military and deployed in mainland France and overseas operations.

Through its optronic equipment, Safran also participates in several infantry modernization programs in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States.



Safran Electronics & Defense (military applications): Calling on its long experience and expertise in producing systems for soldiers, Safran developed an integrated equipment suite called FELIN (Fantassin à Equipements et Liaisons INtégrés). FELIN covers all infantry combat requirements. Based on its experience with this program, Safran is developing solutions perfectly tailored to the needs of other soldier modernization programs in Europe and around the world.

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