The word "optronics" is a combination of optical and electronics. It involves detection, image processing and stabilization functions. Safran is the world leader in this very high-tech market, for various military applications: surface ships, submarines, combat vehicles, aircraft and drones, infantry soldiers (dismounted warfighters).

A specialist in systems that protect surface ships (aircraft carriers, frigates, corvettes, patrol boats, etc.), Safran offers complete or modular solutions tailored to specific needs: passive search, surveillance, observation, warning.

With the EOMS NG (Electro-Optical Multifunction System), Safran offers a proven system capable of detecting and identifying threats, while managing defense systems. Specially developed for surface vessels, the EOMS NG combines gun fire control with panoramic infrared search. The French navy has already selected this system for its four air defense frigates, where they handle search, reconnaissance, identification and tracking, day or night, at sea or in coastal zones. 

Electro-optical gyrostabilized observation systems

Optronic masts and radar

Submarines need optimized systems for intelligence, self-defense, attack and tactical decision-making. We draw on our vast experience to supply a complete range of optronic masts. This type of mast offers advantages over conventional through-hull periscopes. A high resolution camera on top of the mast takes surface images and sends them through an electronic link to the sub's operations center. This type of technology reduces observability to increase operational safety and navigation precision. These systems can be used not only on new-generation ships, but also to retrofit ships already in service.

Another special area of expertise at Safran is multifunction portable optronic equipment, like the JIM LR (Jumelle Infrarouge Multifonctions Long Range) multifunction infrared binocular. These day/night observation systems are used by armed forces of course, but also by homeland security and law enforcement units. They comprise sensors, GPS receivers and telecom network connections to handle a wide range of missions: surveillance in visible and infrared bands, search, pointing, identification, target designation, etc.


Safran electronics & Defense (military applications): Safran leverages its complementary areas of technological expertise to offer a wide range of premium optronics solutions to its customers.

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