Navigation systems for defense

Sigma 20 is a high-performance ground navigation unit that provides high accuracy position and altitude data even in the event of GPS equipment failure.Its advanced hemispherical resonant gyroscopes and its innovative alignment method make it a state-of-the-art solution capable of delivering ultra-precise data faster than any other inertial navigation system.

Setting the global standard in inertial navigation systems, Safran provides powerful positioning solutions that meet the full range of defense requirements: aircraft, ships and land vehicles.

Thanks to its mastery of the full range of inertial technologies (mechanics, laser, optical fiber, resonant structure), Safran has consolidated more than 70 years of know-how in civil and military navigation systems operating in all environments. Combining attitude and heading reference with inertial navigation, the systems developed by Safran offer a high level of performance and accuracy.

The inertial reference units developed by Safran are at the heart of weapon systems. They provide precise navigation and positioning information to combat platforms when engaged in missions, whether for the stabilization of weapons systems or weapon release.They deliver invaluable assistance to these systems, while ensuring maximum security. On advanced fighters like the Rafale, they provide fully autonomous operation and resistance to electronic warfare. The European helicopter NH90 has also installed this technology.

In addition, Safran develops high-performance inertial and hybrid navigation solutions for surface vessels. The Sigma 40 system offers high-precision navigation on many different ships, from patrol boats to aircraft carriers, and contributes to the performance of shipborne sensors and the efficiency of self-defense systems. These high-tech systems are fitted on more than 500 ships in 40 navies around the world, especially Europe's new FREMM multi-mission frigates.

High-performance solutions

On aircraft carriers, it's absolutely vital to harmonize the ship's navigation system with those on its aircraft – and Safran offers top-tier at-sea alignment solutions.

Submarines expect outstanding performance from their navigation systems during dives. The Sigma 40 XP (eXtended Performance) laser gyro system, developed and produced by Safran, guarantees the ship's ability to operate in a severe magnetic environment, without penalizing performance. This is obviously an ideal solution for new-generation submarines, or to modernize current units. The Sigma 40 XP meets the most demanding naval requirements. They are operational in more than fifteen submarine classes around the world. Safran's navigation solutions have been adopted by some 40 navies around the world, including those of Australia, South Korea, Norway and France.

Out on the battlefield, artillery systems have to offer high precision. Safran's Sigma 30 is the ideal solution in response to the growing need for precision navigation and positioning, due to the increasingly digital battlefield. Drawing on our innovative laser gyro technologies, Safran provides artillery solutions for about 20 countries. The SIGMA 30 family provides high-performance , high-accuracy and ultra-secure pointing even under the most difficult conditions (heat, cold, rough terrain, etc.).


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