Missile propulsion

For more than 50 years now, missile propulsion has been a center of excellence at Safran.

A ballistic missile is a projectile, unpowered during part of its flight, when it is governed solely by gravity and air resistance (drag). This ballistic phase is proceeded by a boost phase, using a propulsion system that allows the missile to reach its target.

In the tactical missile field, Safran provides propulsion systems for the European leader, MBDA Missile Systems, in particular: Mistral very-short-range surface-to-air; Scalp long-range air-to-ground missile and derivative Storm Shadow. 

Tactical and ballistic missile

Safran also applies its technological expertise in this sector through Roxel, an equal joint venture with MBDA. Safran designs, develops and manufactures solid propulsion systems for a wide range of tactical and cruise missiles, deployed by air forces, navies and armies: Milan (light antitank), MICA (air defense), AASM (modular air-to-ground), MdCN (shipborne cruise).

Working for the American defense and electronics company Raytheon, Safran is also involved in U.S. missile defense systems, designed to detect and destroy enemy ballistic missiles. We provide several key components for the shipborne SM-3 interceptors.


ArianeGroup (missile propulsion): Offering unrivaled experience and expertise, the company is one of the world's leading solid rocket propulsion companies. It controls all steps in the production of missile motors, from preliminary design, development and production, to storage, transport and dismantling at end of life.

Safran Power Units (turbojet engines for missiles and target drones): European leader, Safran Power Units is expert from over 50 years in the design, development, manufacturing and support of jet engines specifically suitable for applications such as missiles, target drones, UAVs et UCAVs.

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