Safran has produced tactical drone systems in France for over 30 years, building on its expertise in all the enabling technologies needed for development and production. Now in service, and integrated in the digital battlefield, drones perform a number of different missions: surveillance, intelligence, early warning, artillery and gunship guidance, protection, maneuver control, as well as threat detection.

The Patroller multi-sensor long endurance drone was designed for armed forces, intelligence, operational support and maritime surveillance. Featuring a highly modular design, it can be fitted with a wide range of sensors, and is easily deployed in foreign theaters of operation. Using its own automatic launch system, it can be deployed from an airport without requiring any change to ground facilities, and offers 20-hour endurance with a payload up to 250 kg (550 lb). The Patroller carries a new-generation very-high-performance imaging system, and the ground station is interoperable with NATO control systems and networks. 

In 2016, the Patroller drone won the competition for French forces' new "Tactical Drone System" (SDT) program contract. The Patroller will take over for the Sperwer tactical drone / SDTI. The first of the 14 ordered Patroller systems should be delivered to French forces by the end of year 2021.

Patroller and Sperwer

SDTI (système de drone tactique intérimaire) Sperwer MkII. Safran Electronics & Defense (groupe Safran) maîtrise l’ensemble des technologies nécessaires au développement, à la production et à l’intégration d’un système de drones : véhicules aériens, moyens de lancement, ensembles optroniques gyrostabilisés jour-nuit, préparation de mission, navigation inertielle et contrôle en vol, transmissions de données et d’images.

Safran's Sperwer tactical drone system logged nine years of continuous operation in Afghanistan with the armed forces of Canada, the Netherlands and France.

As the leading producer of tactical drones in Europe, Safran covers all aspects of these systems: aircraft, launch systems, gyrostabilized day/night optronic sensors, mission planning, inertial navigation and flight control, data and image transmission. Safran also deploys a complete production organization that has proven its ability to provide full life-cycle maintenance and also upgrade systems already in service.


Safran Electronics & Defense (military drones): the European benchmark in tactical drones, Safran designs, develops and produces systems and equipment based on state-of-the-art technology. The company's drones can call on extensive feedback from operations by the armed forces of several countries.

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