Safran's avionics equipment and systems are used on most of today's military aircraft, specially our inertial navigation systems. Comprising an array of gyros and accelerometers, these systems are used to precisely calculate the aircraft's speed and altitude, and therefore its flight path and position.

Today's leading military aircraft manufacturers count on Safran's technological expertise: Airbus Defense and Space, Dassault, Sukhoi, Lockheed Martin, Aermacchi, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL), etc. Safran can also provide complete avionics upgrades as part of combat aircraft modernization programs. In addition to providing flight management aid, flexibility and precision for pilots, these state-of-the-art systems are important from the strategic standpoint. 

Fully autonomous systems


Inertial navigation systems are autonomous, not requiring external systems like GPS. They provide specific information to combat aircraft, used for weapon operation (firing, munitions release, etc.).


Safran Electronics & Defense (military aircraft): Safran has built up advanced expertise in inertial technologies, and offers high-performance avionics for even the most demanding military missions.

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