Safran offers innovative systems and equipment for armies, navies and air forces from around the world.

One of governments' major concerns today is to ensure homeland security and protect their people against a broadening range of threats. As a long-standing partner to these governments and their armed forces, Safran designs, develops, produces and sells systems and equipment tailored to each country's specific defense needs.

Operating in today's digital battlefield environment, Safran's equipment guarantees the effectiveness and accuracy required of all weapon systems.

Positioning aircraft, land vehicles, surface ships and submarines, ensuring firing accuracy and effectiveness, providing night and bad weather vision, observation, communications… Safran delivers innovative solutions for navigation, optronics, tactical information and stabilization on fighters and transport aircraft, helicopters, warships and submarines, armored vehicles, artillery systems and even infantry soldiers.

Exoskeletons, the force multiplier

Safran takes an active role in the development of innovative optronic and navigation system to meet the fast-evolving needs of air and land forces. Taking advantage of these dual technologies, Safran conducts cutting-edge research in the very promising area of biomechanical exoskeletons, which multiply soldiers' capabilities.

An autonomous electromechanical structure worn by humans, exoskeletons multiply a person's strength, speed and/or precision. Building on our optronics expertise, we are conducting extensive experiments with the Perceptual Robotics Laboratory (Perco) of Italy, with a focus on military applications. These types of systems would enable soldiers to carry very heavy loads, supplies or munitions, even in rough terrains, or attach a missile under a plane's wing, all alone. But these advanced prostheses also have an exciting future in the civil sector, where they could be used by disabled persons, as well as in construction, security, or search & rescue during natural disasters.

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