Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest information

Latest update: July 1st, 2020

Safran is doing everything it can to help slow the virus's spread and protect the health of its employees.

Safran runs it businesses in accordance with the strictest health and safety guidelines to protect its employees, set out in a protocol that is applied across the Group worldwide.

As a result, each company has implemented the Group's Covid-19 protocol, along with measures to adjust and reorganize the workplace, in accordance with strict health, safety and social distancing instructions and other essential health precautions, such as more frequent cleaning and disinfecting, limited number of staff on site at any one time, staggered entries and exits, rotating work schedules and time between shifts to avoid overlap,, distribution of masks for certain workstations, and provision of hand sanitizer dispensers.

As of today, about 52% of employees are working on site and 14% are telecommuting. 12 Safran locations are still closed, out of some 300 sites worldwide.

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