Safran Nacelles - A world leader in aircraft engine nacelles

Les équipes Safran Nacelles en intervention sous aile sur une nacelle A380

Safran Nacelles designs, produces and supports aircraft engine nacelles. The company calls on its unrivalled technological expertise to integrate all nacelle components and optimize the performance of aircraft propulsion systems.

Safran Nacelles is the only nacelle-maker in the world operating in all market segments, from business and regional jets to mainline commercial jets. As a leading aircraft engine nacelle integrator, Safran Nacelles operates at the interface between the plane-maker, the engine-maker and the airline. Drawing on this pivotal position and its technical expertise, Safran Nacelles offers unrivaled solutions tailored to today's market: nacelles that are lighter (with a high percentage of composite materials or advanced metallic alloys), quieter, smarter, more electric and easier to service.

Safran Nacelles calls on over 30 years of experience to give its customers integrated propulsion systems, combining the engine and the nacelle, that are completely assembled and already painted in the airline's colors.


Global presence, new products in the pipeline

The company's headquarters is in Le Havre, France, but it operates other facilities in the United Kingdom, Germany, Morocco and Russia. And Safran Nacelles is present in China and the United States through the joint ventures SAVI Nacelles and Nexcelle.

Safran Nacelles offers local service throughout the world thanks to these facilities, plus other joint ventures (AMES in the United Arab Emirates), subsidiaries (Safran Nacelles Services Europe in France) and partners (especially Haeco in China, SIAEC in Singapore and ACE in the United States), and a global network of service reps. Safran Nacelles' customer list now numbers more than 200 airlines.

Safran Nacelles' 3,800 strong workforce is fully dedicated to its customers. Leveraging their skills and expertise, the company is developing nacelles for engines such as the CFM LEAP-1A that will power the Airbus A320neo, the LEAP-1C for the Comac C919, the Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 for the Airbus A330neo, and for business jet engines such as the Silvercrest® and GE PassportTM engines. Safran Nacelles is also the sole nacelle supplier for the two engines offered on the Airbus A380, the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 and the Engine Alliance GP7200.


Safran Nacelles at a glance

Nacelles for more than
A Safran Nacelles-equipped engine performs a thrust reverser cycle
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