Safran Identity & Security - Security solutions for people around the world

Safran Identity & Security presents MorphoTablet™, an enterprise class touch-sensitive device which adds the security of biometrics (fingerprint + face) and cryptographic functions to mobile operations.

Safran Identity & Security offers products and services that make life safer and easier for people around the world.

Safran Identity & Security is a world leader in the security sector, combining several key areas of expertise to give customers reliable systems that perfectly match their needs.

Safran Identity & Security is the only company in the world that covers all technologies used in security systems. It is a world leader in most of its business sectors, including biometric identification solutions, automated identification systems for fingerprint, iris and facial recognition, and computed-tomography explosive detection systems (EDS) for checked luggage.

Safran Identity & Security offers governments and agencies complete identity management systems, including systems to produce and issue highly secure documents for ID, travel, driver licenses and healthcare programs. In addition, the company is developing authentication platforms that enable governments to provide secure online services to their citizens.

Safran Identity & Security works with both police forces and government agencies to provide public security, by delivering systems for personal identification, crime-solving, narcotic and explosive detection, and automated road safety systems, such as stoplight cameras.

Airports and other transportation hubs are also safer thanks to Safran Identity & Security's automated control solutions. These systems bolster security at borders, while simplifying checks and speeding up passenger throughput. In addition, Safran Identity & Security provides advanced explosive and narcotic detection systems for efficient passenger and luggage checks.

These detection systems also enhance security in critical facilities such as nuclear power plants, embassies and stadiums. Safran Identity & Security is developing other security solutions for these high-value sites, such as biometric access control and individual identification in videos.

Safran Identity & Security's proven expertise in biometric identification is also applied to digital identity management and smart transactions. The company is a world leader in this market, based on its secure smart cards, life cycle management solutions and strong software authentication platforms – technologies that are applied in the telecom, payment and digital identity management markets.

Today, Safran Identity & Security has 76 subsidiaries and affiliates in 40 countries, with over 8,400 employees. The company invests over 9% of sales in R&D, and some 30% of its workforce focuses on this subject.

Safran Identity & Security at a glance

R&D centers in 11 countries
Security solutions for
billion individuals
billion ID documents
delivered as of year-end 2015
million smart cards
produced per day