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Safran Electronics & Defense is a world leading supplier of products and services that handle observation, decision and guidance functions for both civil and military applications.

Safran Electronics & Defense understands and applies a wide range of the state-of-the-art technologies that underpin embedded intelligence in many different areas, as a supplier to some of today's most innovative aerospace and defense programs. Drawing on our long experience, we contribute to the flight safety and effectiveness of civil and military aircraft. For instance we are No. 1 in Europe and No. 3 worldwide for inertial navigation systems used in the air, on land and at sea. We are also the European leader in electro-optical systems and tactical drones. Operating worldwide through the Safran international network, Safran Electronics & Defense has a consolidated workforce of 10,700 employees.

Safety and reliability in the air and in space

Safran Electronics & Defense offers a broad range of systems and equipment for civil and military airplanes and helicopters, drones, telescopes and satellites. Recognized for their performance and efficiency, these products perform a number of vital functions, including flight control and guidance, navigation, onboard information, engine control, calibration, braking and landing control, observation and maintenance.

The innovative aircraft systems developed by Safran Electronics & Defense contribute to flight safety, flight control and aircraft performance. These systems have been chosen for some of today's leading aircraft, including the Airbus Helicopters Caracal, NHIndustries NH90, Embraer KC390, Airbus A320neo, A380 and A350 and the Comac C919. Safran Electronics & Defense also draws on long experience with flight data analysis to offer our Cassiopée service, which provides powerful solutions to cut fleet maintenance costs, reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and improve flight safety for all types of operators.

Safran also designs and produces high-precision optical systems for the observation of Earth and space. Designed for both spacecraft and land-based astronomy, these systems play important roles on some of today's most successful international scientific programs.

In addition, Safran supplies instrumentation and telemetry systems, including transmitters, remote-neutralization receivers, tracking antennas, telemetry receivers, ground data processing recorders, etc. We also design telemetry and spacecraft-ground transmission systems for space applications. For instance, the WeTrack network monitors virtually all geostationary satellites worldwide, including tracking their positions 24/7.


A key to the operational effectiveness of today's armed forces

Today's armed forces need systems and equipment offering outstanding precision and effectiveness to carry out their missions. Solutions from Safran Electronics & Defense handle a wide range of applications for land, sea and air platforms, as part of a real-time "sensor to shooter" system with full command and control. Safran Electronics & Defense helps boost the performance of military units in the field, by delivering an array of surveillance, tactical support, information, navigation, guidance, observation, detection, fire control and protection solutions.

Safran also offers solutions designed to improve the effectiveness and safety of infantry soldiers, including the FELIN soldier modernization system, portable optronics, high-precision parachutes, guidance devices and target acquisition systems. For tanks and other combat vehicles, we make a complete range of navigation, observation, detection, self-defense and engagement solutions. Safran also develops innovative systems for artillery, providing precision navigation and positioning, observation, pointing, fire control. Missile guidance is also a key expertise held by Safran.
Safran designs and builds tactical support information systems that optimize data exchanges between units in the field. Our advanced tactical drone systems, such as the new-generation Patroller, meet armed forces' needs for target surveillance and designation. For airborne surveillance and rescue missions, Safran offers the Euroflir range of gyrostabilized electro-optical pods, invaluable aids in position-determination, search & rescue.

Safran Electronics & Defense also provides a wide range of shipborne inertial navigation and electro-optical systems, which handle navigation, surveillance, threat detection and identification functions on warships and submarines, as well as merchant marine vessels.


Safran Electronics & Defense​ at a glance

Près de 20 000
systèmes soldat FELIN ont été livrés à l'armée de Terre et déployés
combat aircraft fitted with our
inertial navigation systems
aircraft analyzed by our Flight Data Monitoring service
are produced every year by Safran




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