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Premier supplier of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) launching solutions

Robonic Ltd Oy enables the short-rail launch of unmanned aircraft and target drones. We incorporate all phases of launch requirements, with the ability to support air vehicle manufacturers at every stage of a platform’s life cycle.

Technology partner to aircraft and space engine manufacturers

As a worldwide leader in its sector, Safran Aero Boosters designs, develops and produces modules, equipment and test cells for aircraft and space engines. Based in Belgium, Safran Aero Boosters has two subsidiaries in the United States and employs 1,600 people.

A major supplier of on-board systems and equipment for aircraft & helicopters

Safran Aerosystems designs high-tech solutions that optimize aircraft performance and flight safety. World leader in emergency evacuation systems and crew oxygen systems, the company is also a major player in fluid and fuel systems.

A World leader in emergency arresting systems for military aircraft

Within Safran Aerosystems, Safran Aerosystems Arresting is based in Aston (PA), USA and in Merpins, France.
The company is the world leader in emergency land-based arresting systems for military aircraft.

Specialist in flexible couplings and components for fluid systems for aircraft

Within Safran Aerosystems, Safran Aerosystems Fluid is based in Soignolles-en-Brie (77), France. The company specializes in flexible couplings and equipment for fluid management systems for aircraft such as fuel tank caps or magnetic particle detectors in oil systems.

A proven expertise in the design and integration of hydraulic equipment and sub-systems

Within Safran Aerosystems, the company Safran Aerosystems Hydraulics, located in Châteaudun (France) has unique expertise in the design and production of hydraulic equipment for commercial, regional and business airplanes, helicopters and space related activities.

Mastering oxygen systems from design to certification

Within Safran Aerosystems, Safran Aerosystems Oxygen businesses in the US are based in Lancaster (NY). The company designs oxygen systems and equipment to ensure the safety of crew and passengers onboard civil, military aircraft and helicopters.