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Safran Spacecraft Propulsion (Subsidiary of Safran Electronics & Defense) The European leader in plasma propulsion

Safran Spacecraft Propulsion, a subsidiary of Safran Electronics & Defense, is the European leader in plasma propulsion. Safran Spacecraft Propulsion offers a complete range of electric motors and propulsion subsystems for more sustainable satellites and spacecraft.

Our expertise

Plasma propulsion

To adapt to new strategies and customer requirements in terms of power, cost and availability, Safran Spacecraft Propulsion offers a wide range of plasma thrusters to increase satellite payloads, while reducing launch and operating costs.

Propulsion subsystems

Safran Spacecraft Propulsion supports customers by offering complete propulsion subsystems including PPS® Hall effect plasma thrusters, the fluid control system and the electronic power processing unit (PPU), while also taking charge of all required interfaces.

Safran Electronics and Defense Space Division

Safran Spacecraft Propulsion, part of Safran Electronics & Defense Space Division

The Space Division of Safran Electronics & Defense has developed and supplied a wide range of technologies for connectivity, propulsion, navigation, timing, optics and space awareness. Every day in Safran Electronics & Defense, over 1,500 women and men design, manufacture and support critical equipment that enable Agencies, Governments, Integrators and Commercial providers to build and operate complex systems for Space. Our talents and solutions contribute to strengthen sovereignty, protect the Earth and push the boundaries of Space exploration.

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