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Safran Sensing Technologies (Subsidiary of Safran Electronics & Defense) World-leading supplier of high performance MEMS accelerometers, gyroscopes and inertial measurement units

Safran Sensing Technologies designs and manufactures high-precision tactical grade accelerometers, gyro modules and inertial measurements units (IMU) for demanding applications in the Defense, Aerospace, Industrial, and Commercial markets. The company serves a global customer base with ITAR-free solutions utilized in a wide range of applications.

Our expertise

MEMS accelerometers

Our MEMS capacitive accelerometers are based on a bulk micro-machined silicon element, specifically designed for highest stability, low noise and extreme reliability. We address a wide range of applications in the most demanding markets: inertial, vibration, high temperature, seismic.

Gyro modules and Inertial Measurement Units

Our miniature gyro modules and Inertial Measurement Units offer our customers compact and cost effective solutions while maintaining high performance and accuracy requirements.

Foundry Services

Scalable 6’’ wafer fabs, located in Switzerland and Norway, offers the most flexible and reliable foundry experience for our customers.
Safran Sensing Technologies brings a team of wide range of expertise to the table, capable of handling complex design and manufacturing requirements to bring the products to market.

Safran Sensing Technologies

30 years of experience and over 20 millions MEMS delivered

Our Application

We cover different fields of aplications such as Defense, Industrial Vibration, Industrial Energy, IMU and components.

Colibrys company

Safran Sensing Technologies' Distributors

Safran Sensing Technologies work with many distributors around the world. Selected for their abilities to deliver our products securely and rapidely, we trust them as much as you trust our products.

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Colibrys company

Safran Sensing Technologies Switzerland SA

Safran Sensing Technologies Switzerland SA headquarter and production facilities  is situated in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland. 

Safran Sensing Technologies Switzerland SA, a Swiss company acquired by Safran Electronics & Defense in 2013, is a world-class expert in high performances inertial micro-sensors (acceleration and vibration) based on MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) silicon technologies. It is currently developing new MEMS applications in areas such as tactical navigation, earthquake management, preventive maintenance and in several other industrial sectors requiring high precision in rugged environment. More than 8 million high performances MEMS, have been delivered over the years, which demonstrate an extremely high level of precision.

The company is a one-stop-shop manufacturer, offering the full supply chain from design to manufacturing and final testing of MEMS accelerometers. In this way, we guarantee our customers a safe sourcing for best-in-class performance, robust designs, high quality, cost and time to market.

Safran Sensing Technologies Switzerland accelerometers are designed for harsh environments and safety-critical applications. A large number of customers entrusted us with building the most demanding aerospace, energy, railway or automotive testing equipment.

Headquarters of Safran Sensing Technologies Norway

Safran Sensing Technologies Norway AS

Based out of Horten, about 100 km south of Oslo, Safran Sensing Technologies Norway has, for more than 35 years, played a significant role in the development of the global MEMS industry.

Safran Sensing Technologies Norway operates its own 150 mm wafer fab for advanced MEMS processes with several fully equipped assembly and test lines. Over the years, more than 250 million pressure sensors, more than 280 million accelerometers, and more than 2 million gyros have been shipped to customers for use in wide range of applications. Probably the most important reason for this success is the extremely low failure rate experienced by customers relying on Safran Sensing Technologies Norway products; less than 1 failure in 10 million parts shipped.

The roots of Safran Sensing Technologies Norway and its technology go back to 1965.

The legacy of silicon-based sensors at Safran Sensing Technologies Norway goes even further back. Already in the mid-sixties the company started up with pressure sensors and accelerometers based on piezoresistive micromachined silicon strain gauges and from the late seventies with etched diaphragm silicon sensors.

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