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Safran Seats An international key player in passenger and technical aircraft seats.

With over one million seats equipping the fleets of the major airlines, Safran Seats is one of the world's leading suppliers of seating for passengers, crews and helicopters thanks to innovative and high added-value solutions.

Our expertise

Passenger seats

From economy class to first class, Safran Seats is one of the few original equipment manufacturers to offer a comprehensive range of passenger seats for commercial aircraft.

Technical seats

Safran Seats designs products for pilots and commercial air crews, as well as the needs of helicopters, with pilot and passenger seating. Our range of products combines quality, comfort and innovation.


In supporting its customers as they use and maintain its products, Safran Seats can provide service contracts to cover all requirements: supplies of spare parts, repairs to components, technical support, and customized assistance solutions.


Safran Seats is constantly seeking new solutions to adapt to the market, support airlines’ strategies and enhance passenger experience both today and tomorrow.


Cabin branding is a key differentiation factor for airlines and the range of seats at Safran Seats offers many customization options.


Each concept that we develop undergoes a wide variety of tests, under real and accelerated conditions in order to guarantee their reliability.


Our teams work together to develop the most exciting concepts and turn them into successful products on the market thanks to solid industrial design skills.

+ 1
million seats in service
+ 150
aircraft companies customers in the whole world
+ 5,000
employees in 5 countries
85 years
of experience in commercial aircraft and helicopter seats

Our rating on gender equality

0 84 / 100

  1. 1.

    Gender pay gap

  2. 2.

    Allocation of individual increases

  3. 3.

    Difference in the distribution of promotions

  4. 4.

    Number of employees increased upon return from maternity leave

  5. 5.

    Parity among top 10 earners

According to the French law of September 5, 2018, and its application decree of January 8, 2019, on "Freedom to choose your professional future" (Liberté de choisir son avenir professionnel), companies have to measure five gender equality indicators and publish their overall score. The primary aim of this law is to eliminate compensation discrepancies between men and women.

Criterion No. 1: Difference in average salary between men and women - 39/40

Criterion No. 2: Comparison of the percentage of men and women having received a raise - 20/20

Criterion No. 3: Comparison of the percentage of men and women having received a promotion - 10/15

Criterion No. 4: Whether all women received a raise on returning from a maternity/adoption leave - 15/15

Criterion No. 5: Number of women in the top 10 paying positions - 0/10


In addition, the law "aimed at accelerating economic and professional equality between women and men" of December 24, 2021 (known as the Rixain law) creates a new obligation to increase the number of women in the management structures of companies with over 1,000 employees. At Safran, our policy of professional development for women, giving them access to positions of responsibility, identifying their potential and supporting their career development are priorities that we have also extended to our relations with engineering schools and universities for several years.
Within Safran Seats, the indicators for the gender gap in senior management positions are as follows
- Percentage of women and men among all senior managers: 5% women and 95% men
- Percentage of women and men among all members of management teams: 10% women and 90% men 

Safran Seats, the experience of a market leader

Safran Seats - The experience of a market leader : 02 minutes and 35 seconds

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