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Safran Landing Systems World leader in aircraft landing and braking systems

Number 1 in aircraft landing and braking systems. The company equips the commercial, regional, business and military fleets of more than 25 key airframers. Its expertise covers the entire life cycle of its products, from design and manufacturing to maintenance and repair.

Our expertise

Design and manufacturing

Combining technological excellence, industrial performance and innovation, Safran Landing Systems designs, manufactures and integrates landing, steering, braking and monitoring systems (brakes, tires and landing gears) for nearly 33.000 aircraft worldwide.

Support and services

Safran Landing Systems, with its global network of customer service and support centers, supports operators throughout the lifecycle of their equipment, offering fast and efficient solutions to keep their fleets in operational condition and minimize repair costs.


Safran Landing Systems is constantly innovating to improve the performance of its equipment with new, lighter and stronger materials, onboard sensors for better in-service monitoring, reduced noise emissions, electric braking and taxiing technologies, and more environment-friendly manufacturing processes.

Collaborative innovation

Safran Landing Systems develops innovative projects with internal and external partners (others Safran companies, Michelin, etc.).


Thanks to technologies, we increase our knowledge in the operational performance of our products, adjust our offers and services, and provide our customers with support tailored to their needs.


Every day, Safran Landing Systems' engineers use their know-how and ability to innovate to design products that are more efficient, easier to manufacture and faster to repair.

4.0 technologies

Virtual or augmented reality, robotics, cobotics, predictive maintenance, additive manufacturing, data maximization... The factory of the future is already a reality at Safran Landing Systems.

Safran Landing Systems key figures

Discover Safran Landing Systems in video

Discover Taking Off Together, Safran Landing Systems’ corporate film : 02 minutes and 50 seconds
3D loom : carbon fiber

Innovative technologies to prepare the future

As a forward-looking company, Safran Landing Systems massively invests in Research & Development. Carbon brakes, titanium parts, composite materials, additive manufacturing, more electric systems, new surface treatments, external and internal partnerships and digital transformation are all the result of this permanent innovation effort, which enables the company to develop new products that are ever more cost-efficient, better for the environment, lighter, stronger and quieter.

Safran Landing Systems and Michelin on the booth for the announcement of the PresSense tire

PresSense, the first connected aircraft tire

PresSense, the connected aircraft tire developed by Michelin Aircraft Tyre and Safran Landing Systems, uses innovative technology to measure aircraft tire pressures and facilitate ground maintenance operations for airlines.

e-TAXI: the new electric taxiing system

Electric taxiing, for greener aircraft

The electric taxiing system on which Safran Landing Systems is working is destined for the next generation of short- and medium-haul aircraft and will allow the aircraft to move around the tarmac without using their engines or towing tractors. The result will be a reduced fuel consumption of up to 4% and a significant reduction in CO2, nitrogen oxide (NOX) and noise emissions.

Hyperloop: from plane to the train of the future

Developed by Safran Landing Systems and the American start-up Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Hyperloop is a vehicle concept which has the capacity to transport passengers or freight in capsules propelled by linear induction motors moving inside low-pressure tubes. It combines three of Safran Landing Systems’ flagship technologies: electric braking, the electric extension/retraction system and the electric taxiing system. Faster, more efficient and less expensive than any other means of transport, Hyperloop is also environment-friendly, as it would be supplied with electricity and would use solar energy.

Teams supporting the company's talents

Forum: « Jeunes d’Avenirs »

An organization tailored to support the men and women of the company

The Human Resources teams are working every day to support the company’s 6,500 talents. Day after day, these teams located around the world build on Safran’s proactive human resources policy to develop employees’ skills, career opportunities and social and environmental responsibility.

Our rating on gender equality

0 94 / 100

  1. 1.

    Gender pay gap


  2. 2.

    Allocation of individual increases


  3. 3.

    Difference in the distribution of promotions


  4. 4.

    Number of employees increased upon return from maternity leave


  5. 5.

    Parity among top 10 earners


According to the French law of September 5, 2018, and its application decree of January 8, 2019, on "Freedom to choose your professional future" (Liberté de choisir son avenir professionnel), companies have to measure five gender equality indicators and publish their overall score. The primary aim of this law is to eliminate compensation discrepancies between men and women.

Furthermore, the law to accelerate economic and professional equality between men and women from December 24, 2021 (called the Rixain Law) created a new requirement to have women in the executive bodies of companies with over 1,000 employees. Within Safran, the policy on the professional advancement of women, their access to positions of authority, the identification of talent, and assistance with professional development are priorities that we have also extended to our relations with engineering schools and universities in the past few years.

Within Safran Landing Systems, the indicators relating to gaps in representation between women and men in positions of greater responsibility are as follows in 2023:

  • Percentage of senior executives who are women and men, respectively: 20,7% / 79,3%
  • Percentage of members of executive bodies who are women and men, respectively: 27,3% / 72,7%

Supplier relations: working together to optimize performance

In line with Safran’s industrial policy and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy, Safran Landing Systems aims for excellence and competitiveness in its products. In addition to total commitment to quality and on-time delivery, this goal is reflected through lasting, balanced and profitable relationships between Safran Landing Systems and its suppliers. These suppliers are selected based on high performance, know-how and technological innovations. At the same time, Safran Landing Systems supports its suppliers as part of a continuous-improvement and shared-growth process.

Best-in-class products and services

Regulatory requirements to ensure flight safety, quality, reliability and performance of our products.

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