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Safran Electronics & Defense Beacons The leader in Emergency Locator Transmitters

As the design excellence center of Safran’s Search and Rescue (SAR) beacon products, Safran Electronics & Defense Beacons is a market leader in designing and supplying state-of-the-art Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs). Since their initial ELT certification in 1995, they have produced over 95,000 fixed and portable ELTs, equipping many types of aircraft worldwide.

Our expertise

Emergency Locator Transmitters

Safran Electronics & Defense Beacons has successfully tailored its products to address the aerospace evolving needs, from commercial to general aviation, meeting the latest industry standards. With over 95,000 ELTs manufactured, Safran Electronics & Defense Beacons is a widely recognized market reference.

Military Personal Locator Beacons

SARBE beacons are used across all branches of the Armed Forces, catering to a wide variety of military applications - Air, Land, Navy, and even Police. These beacons deliver reliable performance in both harsh and friendly environments and are robust for use in scenarios like Training, Testing, and complex missions.

Services & Customer Support

Every day, all across the globe, Safran Electronics & Defense Beacons actively participates in assisting its customers with operating and maintaining their products. Our comprehensive service offerings include component repair, battery replacement, and technical assistance.

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