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Safran Electrical & Power Smarter electrical solutions for a better flight

Safran Electrical & Power is one of the world's leaders in aircraft electrical systems. It is a key player in the equipment electrification & in the electric and hybrid propulsion sector. Mastering the on-board energy system, the company designs and provides modular, innovative and optimized architectures and solutions.

Our expertise

Power generation

Safran Electrical & Power is a developer of both primary generation systems and auxiliary generation systems. The company has also created GENeUS™, a family of smart generators that integrate active power management, making them the ideal power source for hybrid power systems

Electrical distribution

Safran Electrical & Power offers complete solutions for the transmission and management of electricity from generators to loads, via primary and secondary distribution systems that incorporate its own range of components (contactors, protection devices, circuit-breakers, switches, etc.) and control electronics.

Electrical Interconnection Systems (or wiring)

As the world leader in electrical wiring interconnection systems, Safran Electrical & Power designs technical harnesses that carry power and/or data for all types of applications, including harsh environments. Working on a built-to-print or built-to-spec basis, the company manages varying design configurations and complexity thanks to the excellence of its industrial facilities.

Electric motors

The electric motor ranges ENGINeUS™ integrate power electronics, and suit all types of onboard applications and, above all, the future electric propulsion for new platforms...


The new battery line GENeUSPACK™ and the associated management systems enable global optimization of systems on future platforms.

Electrical components

The complete range of electrical components – backshells, transitions, sleeves and tubes, etc. – and specific accessories are designed to protect wiring, particularly in harsh environments.

Power Management

GENeUSGRID™ controls the aircraft’s electrical equipment, including electric propulsion, and intelligently manages energy sources, whether all-electric or hybrid.

Engineering Services

Through its subsidiary Safran Engineering Services, Safran Electrical & Power supports manufacturers in all phases of product life, from design to qualification to production engineering

Customer Services

Safran Electrical & Power provides after-sales services for all its equipment. It also offers a range of installation services and electrical or mechanical modifications to manufacturers and operators worldwide.

Key Figures

World leader in electrical interconnection systems


World leader in electrical distribution systems


World leader in power generation systems

Safran Electrical & Power

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