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Safran Data Systems Leader in instrumentation for testing, telemetry and communications for space

Safran Data Systems provides high-technology equipment and solutions for testing, telemetry, mission data management and space communications. With a high-skilled international team, we contribute to the success of our customers by offering innovation, best performance, reliability and sustainability.

Our expertise

Test instrumentation and telemetry

Safran Data Systems provides complete instrumentation and telemetry turnkey solutions for airborne (data acquisition, recording) and ground (receiving, recording, processing) applications. Safran Data Systems offers both COTS and tailored equipment and solutions for platforms such as aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, launch vehicles, missiles, cars, and other industry applications.

Mission data management

Safran Data Systems provides equipment and solutions to meet the most demanding missions requirements, on the ground, in the air and at sea. They are robust, modular and reliable, providing state-of-the-art technology for pilot training, mission debriefing, surveillance, search and rescue…

Communications for space

Safran Data Systems provides high-technology products and solutions for satellite ground stations. Space agencies, satellites providers, service operators and governmental agencies benefit from competitive advantages based on high performance, scalability, reliability, sustainability and long-term availability.

Rugged and high-accurate instrumentation

From industrial applications (automotive), aviation (aircraft, helicopters) to space (launchers), Safran Data Systems provides instrumentation equipment qualified for the most demanding environments.

Video acquisition and wide-band recording

Safran Data Systems provides video acquisition recorders for any kind of low/high resolution (up to 4K) or analog/digital videos.

Wireless instrumentation

Facing the requirements of reducing the weight of harnesses onboard and optimizing integration time, Safran Data Systems has developed several wireless communication solutions for less intrusive instrumentation.

Telemetry signal processing

Safran Data Systems is a pioneer in bandwidth efficient and resilient modulations for secured transmissions from very-low bps up to multiple Gbps, in a box-type or virtualized approach.

Radio frequency tracking antennas

From P-band to Q/V-band, Safran Data Systems designs cost-effective and multi-band solutions, using its own feeds, converters, power amplifiers, tracking receivers, servo controls...

Satellite ranging

Active, semi-active and fully passive ranging solutions of Safran Data Systems are used daily to collaboratively or non-collaboratively determine and track satellite orbits.

End-to-end solutions

Safran Data Systems designs products involving precision mechanical parts, servo controls, radio frequency, signal processing and lately software defined radio solutions and from equipment, sub-systems up to solutions.

Customer service

Safran Data Systems supports customers with a team of application experts and provides a full set of maintenance and repair services as well as technical trainings at factory or customer site.

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According to the French law of September 5, 2018, and its application decree of January 8, 2019, on "Freedom to choose your professional future" (Liberté de choisir son avenir professionnel), companies have to measure five gender equality indicators and publish their overall score. The primary aim of this law is to eliminate compensation discrepancies between men and women.

Gender equality index

  • Criterion No. 1: Difference in average salary between men and women 38/40
  • Criterion No. 2: Comparison of the percentage of men and women having received a raise 20/20
  • Criterion No. 3: Comparison of the percentage of men and women having received a promotion 15/15
  • Criterion No. 4: Whether all women received a raise on returning from a maternity/adoption leave 15/15
  • Criterion No. 5: Number of women in the top 10 paying positions 5/10

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