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Safran Colibrys World-leading supplier of standard and semi-custom MEMS

Safran Colibrys is a high-tech company producing standard and semi-custom MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) sensors. Intended for the civil and military aeronautics, energy, industrial and seismic markets, these sensors demonstrate an extremely high level of precision.

Our expertise

Inertial sensors

Safran Colibrys inertial accelerometers are exceptionally stable over the long term and have high mechanical and thermal resistance. They are thus perfectly suited to the needs of the most demanding IMUs (Inertial Measurement Units): civil and military aviation, exploitation of energy resources, etc.

Vibration sensors

The vibration and shock sensors manufactured by Safran Colibrys offer high resolution, low noise and low energy consumption. Their applications are numerous: automotive tests, the railway sector, wind turbines or even structural health monitoring.

Seismic sensors

With very low noise levels, our seismic sensors are designed for applications such as oil exploration or health monitoring buildings. This advanced technology easily replaces a traditional geophone or seismometer for different types of seismic measurements.

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