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Safran Aircraft Engines A world-class aircraft engines manufacturer

Safran Aircraft Engines draws on an unrivaled legacy reaching back over 110 years to design, develop, produce and market, alone or in partnership, engines for civil and military aircraft, as well as for satellites.

Our expertise

Commercial engines

Safran Aircraft Engines operates in all segments of the civil aviation market by supplying a range of innovative, reliable and environmentally-friendly engines. Our support services draw on unrivaled industrial capabilities and a high-performance global MRO network.

Military engines

Safran Aircraft Engines designs, develops, produces and supports engines that perfectly meet the requirements of our military customers. These engines power aircraft covering all air defense missions: combat, transport and training.

Plasma propulsion

A European pioneer in electric propulsion, Safran Aircraft Engines is developing a wide range of plasma thrusters and systems to meet evolving requirements for orbital injection. These electric propulsion systems increase the payload capacity of geostationary satellites, while also reducing launch costs.

Top-flight innovation

Safran Aircraft Engines reinvests a significant part of its revenues to develop innovative and performant propulsion solutions that address the specific needs of our airlines, air framers and armed forces customers.

A connected company

An Industry 4.0 pioneer, Safran Aircraft Engines leverages the advantages of digitalization to sustain unprecedented production rates, work within an expanded ecosystem and offer innovative new services.

Protecting our environment

Safran Aircraft Engines develops innovative propulsion solutions that are friendlier for our environment, while also reducing the carbon footprint of our own operations.

A taste for teamwork

At Safran Aircraft Engines, our taste for teamwork is reflected in fruitful partnerships with other companies and joint efforts within our own organization, based on the use of robust processes and collaborative tools.

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