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Safran Aerosystems A major supplier of on-board systems and equipment for aircraft & helicopters

Safran Aerosystems designs high-tech solutions that optimize aircraft performance and flight safety. World leader in emergency evacuation systems and crew oxygen systems, the company is also a major player in fluid and fuel systems.

Our expertise

Aerosafety Systems

Safran Aerosystems is a leader in safety and protection systems The company develops a wide range of inflatable systems, including escape slides, helicopter emergency flotation systems, life rafts and life jackets for commercial and military aircraft and helicopters as well as crew and passenger oxygen systems and military aircraft arresting systems.

Fluid and fuel systems

Safran Aerosystems is a key player in on-board fuel and fluid systems, covering fuel and inerting systems, hydraulic equipment, high-temperature and high-pressure ducts for engines and fluid circuits and flexible couplings. The company's offer also includes anti-ice and ice protection systems.

Services and Customer Support

Every day, all over the world, Safran Aerosystems is closely involved to support its customers in the operation and maintenance of their products. Its service offering includes spare parts supply, component repair, technical assistance and the development of customized solutions.

Safety Systems – Emergency Evacuation systems

As a world leader in evacuation systems, Safran Aerosystems offers a comprehensive range of products for commercial, regional and military aircraft : slide, slide/raft, life rafts and life vests.

Floats and Rafts

As the world leader in emergency evacuation systems, Safran Aerosystems' expertise covers the design and integration of emergency floatation systems for helicopters, as well as integrated life rafts.

Safety Systems - Physiological protection

Safran Aerosystems offers a wide range of protection and survival equipment for military pilots such as anti-g suits or survival kits.

Oxygen systems

Safran Aerosystems designs and manufactures oxygen systems for civil and military aviation to ensure the safety of crew and passengers in the event of cabin depressurization or smoke development.

Fuel & inerting systems for aircraft

Safran Aerosystems is a key player in fuel gauging, fuel distribution and tank inerting systems. as well as flexible fuel tanks for helicopters

Fluid Systems

Safran Aerosystems has a unique expertise in the designs and manufacture of hydraulics equipment and ducts assemblies for engine and air or fuel circuits.

Ice protection systems

Safran Aerosystems designs and manufactures icing protection equipment and de-icing systems, both pneumatic and electro-thermal.

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Commercial aircraft equipped with Safran Aerosystems evacuation slides

Our rating on gender equality

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    Gender pay gap

    38 /40

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    Allocation of individual increases


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    Difference in the distribution of promotions

    15 /15

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    Number of employees increased upon return from maternity leave

    15 /15

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    Parity among top 10 earners

    0 /10

According to the French law of September 5, 2018, and its application decree of January 8, 2019, on "Freedom to choose your professional future" (Liberté de choisir son avenir professionnel), companies have to measure five gender equality indicators and publish their overall score. The primary aim of this law is to eliminate compensation discrepancies between men and women.

Certificates and Approvals of Safran Aerosystems

Safran Aerosystems headquarters

Exterior view of the Plaisir site
Safran Aerosystems - Plaisir

The Plaisir facility is Safran Aerosystems' headquarters and main production and repair site.

The company has been based here since 2019. The main activities at Plaisir include fuel and fluid systems, as well as oxygen distribution systems for pilots and crews.

61 rue Pierre Curie CS20001 78373 Plaisir Cedex


48° 48' 2" N , 1° 58' 54" E

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