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Optics 1 Inc (Subsidiary of Safran Electronics & Defense) Global leader in electro-optic and navigation systems in the U.S

Safran Optics 1 provides the military and security forces with state-of-the-art solutions (electro-optical devices, sights, modules, navigation…) for dismounted soldier as well as for airborne, naval and land platforms, for surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

Our expertise

Night Vision Enhancement and Visual Augmentation Systems (VAS)

With unmatched detection capability from LWIR and SWIR technologies, Optics 1 binoculars detect thermal sources and out-of-band designators, markers and more in all environmental conditions. Optics 1 also offers clip-on thermal imagers and fused UV/SWIR binoculars. Its devices connect to battlefield management tools.

Laser Systems

Lightweight, compact, multi-function, Optics 1 solutions combine multiple laser capabilities: rangefinding, PRF code designation, aiming lasers, high-powered NIR pointer, NIR illuminator and IR flood light. It can be mounted to a Picatinny rail on any primary weapon or any handheld reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting device.

Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Targeting Systems

Optics 1 solutions provide to detect, observe, and locate targets with clarity and accuracy in all environmental conditions, day or night: systems range from single-handed devices (suited for laser range finding and azimuth measurements) or targeting devices equipped with hypersensitive thermal, night vision and low-light capabilities.

Platform Solutions: Airborne, Naval & Land

High performing stabilized sights that increase situational awareness for navigation, pointing and surveillance with GNSS-denied navigation, NIR, SWIR, MWIR and precision north finding for fires.

OEM Modules and Custom Solutions

Solutions for system integrators that increase situational awareness and in all environmental conditions. Module capabilities include laser rangefinding, northfinding, inertial navigation and cameras.

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