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AMES (Joint-venture between Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance and Safran Nacelles) An essential player in aerostructure components repair and overhaul

AMES is a key player in the market for the repair and overhaul of aerostructure components - from nacelles, radomes and engine fan stator modules to all aircraft metal and composite parts.

Our expertise

Aerostructure expertise close to its customers

Located in the heart of Middle East, in a Free Zone perfectly connected through immediate proximity of Dubai major ports and airports, AMES is within easy reach from all over Middle East and Indian Peninsula, reducing transportation costs and saving precious days of turnaround time for all airlines in the region.

Unique assets to overcome recovery challenges

When the market suffers from supply chain or capacity issues, the access to Safran Nacelles and AFI KLM E&M respective MRO networks gives to AMES many more solutions than any other stand-alone MRO. In addition to our own stocks, we also maintain an advanced OEM stock, which accelerates our repair turnaround time and reduces potential transport issues.

Combined know-how in Dubai

AMES is a 50/50 joint venture of Safran Nacelles and Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance. It benefits from the two parent companies’ expertise and resources: AFI KLM E&M as a leading airline provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services; and Safran Nacelles’ know-how as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), delivering highly-effective, rapid-response aircraft maintenance solutions. 

AMES operates a state-of-the-art repair facility in Dubai’s Jebel Ali Free Zone. It leverages the extensive human, technical and logistics resources of its two parent companies, enabling AMES to offer a comprehensive portfolio of customizable, mix- and-match services. In addition to inspections, repairs and on-wing inspections, the company’s service portfolio covers the management of a pool of nacelle spare parts and assistance in optimizing maintenance schedules. 

With approvals from the GCAA, EASA and FAA airworthiness authorities, AMES organizes working parties that include inspection surveys for the development of tailored predictive maintenance programs to boost efficiency and shorten turn-around times (TATs). Local engineering repairs – plus spares pool access that features the leasing of parts and routine replacements – also increase the overhaul efficiency. As a result, AMES’ clients benefit from lower operating costs that contribute to their bottom line.

Preventive Maintenance Inspections (PMI) & associated repairs on GE90-110/-115 Fan Stator Modules (FSMs).

Innovation and competitiveness in the heart of the Middle East

Combining the skills and expertise of a leading aircraft maintenance specialist and a world-class manufacturer of nacelle systems, the solutions provided by AMES are recognized for their innovative qualities. The two partners offer their joint capabilities to customers across the Middle East, Persian Gulf and Indian peninsula, providing services for a full range of nacelle and engine types from such manufacturers as Rolls-Royce, General Electric, CFM International and Engine Alliance. Its expanded capabilities also cover the repair of radomes and composite aerostructures, as well as repair of jet engine fan stator modules. 

The experience of AMES’ two parent companies guarantees unparalleled technical know-how and optimal service quality. Its strategic location in Dubai is an essential asset for its customers, who benefit from local support and an agile, flexible response tailored to their needs – eliminating the need for time-consuming, costly transfers of hardware and components outside the region.

Repair and Overhaul Line for Nacelles

Center of Excellence for the A320neo Leap-1A nacelle

On the A320neo LEAP-1A nacelle, after already three years of experience in repairing all components of that nacelle, from inlet cowl to exhaust, AMES is now going a major step further by becoming a licensed A320neo LEAP-1A nacelle repair station of both its parent companies. AMES has now developed complex repair capabilities, including the replacement of major nacelle structural components (IFS, OFS, Beams,…) through the support of its parent companies.

Welcome to AMES

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Capability List

Capabilities of AMES-FZCO


  • Nacelles
    • A320neo/ceo: LEAP-1A&CFM56-5B
    • A330neo/ceo: TRENT 7000, TRENT 700 & CF6-80E
    • A340: Trent 500
    • A380: Trent 900 & GP7200
  • Radomes
    • A320neo/ceo


  • Nacelles
    • 777: GE90-94 / -115
  • Radomes
    • 737
  • Fan Stator Modules
    • GE90-110/115
    • Preventive Maintenance Inspections (PMI) & associated repairs

Airframe Related Components: Winglets, Composite Flight Controls

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