Our corporate social responsibility


Our goal: be an exemplary corporate citizen

To meet the expectations of our stakeholders, including employees, partners, customers, shareholders, suppliers and all the other communities in our ecosystem, Safran has made corporate social responsibility (CSR) an integral part of its growth strategy. Our CSR policy is grounded in six strategic priorities that are fully aligned with the Group's global strategy, actions and commitments. Safran's goal is to demonstrate exemplary social and environmental performance.

A l’issue des séances plénières, les participants ont été invités à revêtir des casquettes et T-shirts aux couleurs de l’identité visuelle de Safran (bleu, bleu clair, blanc) et à former ensemble l’emblème du logo Safran. L’événement s’est terminé par la visite d’une des plus belles collections d’aéronefs au monde, celle du Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace du Bourget, et par une soirée festive.

At Safran, we see corporate social responsibility as a source of growth and performance improvement. Our core commitments of innovating to protect the environment, striving for excellence in the protection of people and goods, valuing our employees, suppliers and partners, and affirming our values of integrity, are pursued with all internal and external stakeholders.


The six strategic priorities of Safran's CSR policy

Safran's CSR policy is based on six strategic priorities which were defined in 2012 according to the ISO 26000 standard:


Safran's corporate social responsibility policy encompasses all of the Group's stakeholders: customers, shareholders, suppliers, employees, unions, community associations, government authorities and institutions, financial analysts and ratings agencies, consumers and the media. This policy is anchored in the ethical values that form the basis of our corporate culture and are shared across the Group: responsible corporate citizenship, people development and recognition, meeting commitments, and the power of teamwork.


A structured approach

To ensure that behavior is consistent with our ethics and values, Safran's corporate social responsibility policy is organized and shared across our global organization:

  • CSR sponsor at Safran Corporate Management and on the Executive Committee.
  • CSR authority (Diversity and CSR Manager)
  • CSR steering committee (representing all departments concerned).
  • CSR correspondents at each Group company worldwide.


Underscoring our integrity-based approach, in 2013 Safran signed the United Nations Global Compact, proof of our commitment to uphold the universal principles of human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.

More than
Persons monitor our trade compliance and ethics
Safran is the
company in the cac 40 stock market index to earn the anti-corruption label from ADIT



Mapping Safran’s CSR issues

Safran completed the mapping of its CSR issues, also referred to as a "materiality analysis(1)". This was done by surveying its stakeholders in late 2014. An analysis of this kind participates in the Group's reflection on its strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility and...


Ethical guidelines

Trade compliance

Business transactions: regulatory compliance, transparency and responsibility

Safran has defined Group-wide requirements in terms of trade compliance. We deploy a network of Trade Compliance Officers, backed by comprehensive training, to ensure the strict application of these...

Health, Safety, Environment

20 %
in the lost time accident rate between 2015 and 2016


For Safran, diversity drives performance and innovation. This conviction underpins our social model, which is the foundation of our corporate identity. It also provides a solid framework for our long-term actions designed to promote equal opportunity and fight against all forms of discrimination.

women in
Safran's total workforce, including 22% of management staff
disabled employees
at Safran companies in France*
49% +
of Safran employees
are less than 30 years old
of employees
are 50 or older



* 2015

Philanthropy and Foundations

A global, responsible corporate citizen

Educational workshop at the Exploradôme

Safran's philanthropy policy is part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach. Since Safran was created in 2005, we have supported some 550 major philanthropy projects, focusing on social and professional inclusion, equal opportunity through education, artistic creativity and talent and much more.


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