Safran Foundation for Music supports Young Talents

Created in November 2004, the Safran Foundation for Music is dedicated to supporting young musicians in their training or career development. It also supports the places (concert venues, festivals) where these young artists are invited to perform. Since its creation, the Foundation has directly supported the promotion of more than 120 “Young Talents”, and has been involved in partnerships with 93 structures dedicated to their promotion.

2016, a year rich in initiatives to help Young Talents

In 2016, the Safran Foundation for Music supported numerous projects for Young Talents: ten festivals or concerts, an international piano competition, a professional placement project and orchestra training for musicians, as well as Master Classes and preparations for competitions.

The Foundation also participated in the purchase of fifteen musical instruments, several album recordings, and the funding of four international scholarships.

supported by the Safran Foundation for Music, to date


In 2014 also, Safran Corporate Foundation for Music supported the violinist Irène Duval, who has won several international competitions. The Foundation contributed to the purchase of her bow.

The annual Safran Foundation for Music Award honors a particularly talented young musician each year. In 2015, it went to the Russian violinist, Fedor Rudin, following a "play off" between five young talented musicians. Fedor Rudin is the eighth artist to be rewarded since this Award has been created.



The “Safran Foundation for Music Prize 2017”

The Safran Foundation for Music, in partnership with the Musée de l'Armée, participates in the organization of several musical events at the Hôtel des Invalides in Paris: the annual "Young Talents" cycle, concerts during the "Musical Season" program reserved to young artists and the Safran Prize for Music.

Every year, this prize honors a particularly talented young virtuoso. In 2017, the award went to Nora Dargazanli, an harpsichordist , after a competition in which several performers participated.

Prix Fondation pour la Musique 2017



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