Corporate philanthropy focused on education

Safran, firmly convinced that education plays a vital role in personal development, as well as integration in society and equal opportunity, mainly supports education, social and cultural initiatives via its corporate philanthropy program. These initiatives include the fight against illiteracy, disengaged and at-risk students, learning how to get along with others, education via sports, music and much more.

Combining education and equal opportunity through public and private partnerships

Safran therefore provides financial support to both public and private partners, unrelated to its commercial interests. Safran' corporate philanthropy approach is built on the core values of ethics and integrity.

Safran carried out about 20 philanthropy projects in 2016, specially focusing on science, student support and cultural development. 

The Foundation has supported the Asprill Association and Professor Alain Bentolila, to develop the "Reading Machine", an application to encourage reading-averse children to read more frequently and for longer periods. First tested in Le Havre, the Reading Machine is now being extended to some 4,000 classes in the national education zones of Paris, Orleans, Rennes, Amiens and Lyon.


The Exploradome

The Exploradome, located in the Paris suburb of Vitry-sur-Seine, is an interactive science and technology museum, with a focus on digital and sustainable development. Safran supported the creation of three experiments for visitors, to illustrate the principles of mathematics, geological phenomena and chemistry. 



The Ari@ne program with Essec Business School

Safran supported the Ari@ne program, comprising various MOOC online courses, to explain to high school students how to choose a higher education curriculum that allows them to shape their future. This initiative allows students in underserved families to fight against self-censorship and the lack of available information. The program covered students in three Paris area departments: Val-d'Oise, Yvelines and Seine-Saint-Denis.

Safran is a partner of ESSEC Business School to support the implementation and deployment of the Ari@ne project, a Mooc (Massive Open Online Course) programm.



The Group also supports Coup de pouce ("Helping Hand"), an association that promotes grammar school students who do not have the aid needed at home to help them learn to read. Safran provided this support during the 2015/2016 school year to 50 youngsters in the cities of Vernon, Le Havre, Rouen, Paris and Argenteuil, to help them learn basic reading skills. 

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