Export control

Safran strictly complies with all regulations concerning its import and export activities for military and dual (civil/military) technologies.

Safran compliance standard and requirements

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Safran companies deal with suppliers and customers from around the world, buying and selling goods and services.

Our common requirements for export and re-export controls to other countries are defined in a Safran compliance standard, based on nine areas of compliance:

  • deployment of a dedicated organization;
  • preparation by each company of an internal control program;
  • training and awareness-raising programs;
  • identification of export authorization requirements;
  • management of export authorization requests;
  • application of export authorizations;
  • control program monitoring and audit;
  • technology transfer controls (data and software);
  • handling non-compliance with applicable regulations.

The Internal Control and Audit department regularly audits Safran companies to ensure that they are applying compliance standards. In some complex cases, Safran calls on independent firms for additional audits.


A dedicated organization

Premier séminaire international « Contrôle des exportations » de Safran

Supported by a commitment to compliance with all applicable regulations at top management level, Safran has deployed a dedicated organization, as follows:

  • Trade Compliance and Export Control department, tasked with:
    • defining general policy and checking that each company applies Safran's requirements;
    • representing Safran in dealings with the government and trade bodies concerned;
    • chairing the Group Export Compliance Committee.
  • Empowered Officials (members of the Management Committee), appointed at all Safran legal entities that carry out import and/or export business.
  • Export Control Officers (ECO) designated in each company. These officers are named by their Chairman and CEO to assist the Empowered Official. The ECOs call on a network of export control correspondents in the operating departments concerned.


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