Limiting aircraft noise during the takeoff and landing phases facilitates the responsible development of air transport. Safran designs systems and equipment that help reduce the noise generated by aircraft.
Réduire les nuisances sonores

At Safran, we have long focused on reducing aircraft noise, which primarily impacts people living near airports. For instance, since the end of the 1990s, aircraft noise has been cut in half. And the noise footprint of each new generation of aircraft is estimated to be at least 15% lower than the previous generation.

Current research into noise reduction focuses on both engines and aircraft systems, such as landing gear.

Réduction du bruit

La diminution des nuisances sonores des avions moyen-courriers

decibel reduction in 40 years
Objective for 2020:
reduce noise during takeoff and landing by
50 %
The new CFM International (Safran and GE) LEAP engine will cut noise by
Objective set by ACARE (Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe)
reduction in noise generated by commercial airplanes by 2050
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