Managing the use of hazardous substances

The management and eventual replacement of hazardous substances are prime goals at Safran. We strictly apply applicable regulations, calling on a dedicated organization.

Safran strictly applies the European regulation REACH  to manage the toxicity and eco-toxicity of the substances and materials used throughout the life cycle of our products. Each company develops and deploys new tools to meet the requirements of this regulation, and plan ahead for any changes.

In addition, we have set up a dedicated organization, comprising a Group coordinator and project managers at each company. Our Materials and Processes department, the most heavily involved in this organization, provides technical support for research. It also qualifies replacement products for the most dangerous substances.

Zone de traitement de surface - Tribofintion
A European standard

Safran applies the REACH directive in close collaboration with French and European trade associations, including the French aerospace industry association GIFAS, and the Aerospace and Defense Industries Association of Europe (ASD).

We played an active role in drawing up the European standard, "Phased Declaration Substances", which recommends methods for tracing the most critical substances.

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