Youth and senior employment

The sustainable employment of young people, the hiring and continued employment of seniors, and the transmission of skills and expertise between generations are all major objectives for Safran, enabling us to meet performance and growth objectives.

Hiring and training young people

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Bringing young people into the workforce is a major challenge for society – and for Safran! Because of our focus on innovation, Safran has to plan ahead to deal with changing skills and business requirements, and continually renew our workforce. For example, we deploy considerable resources to acquire, maintain and transmit the skills needed to support staff development and renewal.

Capitalizing on the experience of senior staff

Employees 50 and over represent nearly 30% of Safran's global workforce. We must address the challenge of sustaining their employment and enabling them to take a positive view of their professional future, while capitalizing on their tremendous stock of experience. In turn, this implies:

  • Paying particular attention to a career management approach that helps sustain their motivation.
  • Making maximum use of their skills and expertise to improve Safran's overall performance.


A proactive youth and senior employment support policy

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Safran, which has nearly 50,000 employees in the European Union, deploys ambitious recruiting plans, primarily directed towards young people. Professional training has also proven to be a powerful lever for the integration and employment of young people, as well as an effective recruiting tool for Safran.


On March 28, 2013 Safran and IndustriAll, a European union, signed the first European agreement to support the professional integration of young people. Covering a three-year period, this agreement meets two objectives:

  • Contribute to the professional training of young people.
  • Ensure the development and renewal of skills needed by Safran.

"Generations contract"

Safran signed a Group-wide agreement on September 17, 2013 with unions in France, concerning France's so-called "generations contract". This agreement seeks to define concrete measures to achieve the following objectives:

  • Support the professional training of young people and their integration in the work environment, by favoring hiring under permanent, full-time contracts.
  • Facilitate the hiring and sustained employment of seniors.
  • Participate in the development of inter-generational relations, and the transmission of skills and expertise within Safran.
of Safran employees
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