Gender equality

Safran has long been committed to promoting gender equality and equal opportunity in the workplace. Our actions focus on equal opportunity hiring, and equality in compensation and career development.

Encouraging technical vocations

« Elles bougent s’envole au Bourget »

Safran believes that a diverse workforce with people from different backgrounds fosters innovation and is a critical factor driving our performance and growth. For example, to attract more applications from women, still under-represented in our sectors (our aim is 25% women among near hires each year), Safran has joined a number of programs designed to promote technical and industrial jobs for women, and fully recognize and reward their place in the enterprise.


"Women in Engineering", a professional network

Safran was one of the founding members of the "Women in Engineering" network launched at the Paris Air Show in 2013. As the first network to bring together women executives from international engineering companies, it should help enhance the appeal of a sector driven by innovation and competitiveness.

Elles bougent, an association to inspire students

Safran is an active member of Elles Bougent ("Women on the Move"), an association that encourages female high school and university students to consider technical and engineering careers. It allows these young women to discover Safran's technical and scientific professions as early as possible in their education, and inspire their career decisions.


Recognizing women’s role in the workforce

Fabienne Lacorre, trophée de la Femme R&D 2014

Fabienne Lacorre, Winner of the 2014 "R&D Woman" award

Aurore Ferrant, trophée de la Femme au début prometteur 2014

Aurore Ferrant, Winner of the 2014 "Most Promising Newcomer" award

Safran also supports outside initiatives that spotlight the achievements of women in the workplace, and in industry in particular.

Among these is the "Women in Industry" awards, which was organized for the first time in 2012 by the French business and industry magazine L'Usine Nouvelle. One of our employees already won the Innovation award the first year. This award recognizes a major scientific, technical, economic, financial or human innovation. Two more Group employees won Women in Industry awards in 2014: Fabienne Lacorre, senior vice president for engineering at Snecma, and Aurore Ferrant, rocket motor test and integration department manager at Herakles.

Safran also participates in the Women's Forum for the Economy and Society, held in Deauville, France. Our women represent Safran at this major annual event, especially at the workshops and roundtable discussions.

The low percentage of women in industry is not just a problem in France, which is why we are also striving to adjust the gender imbalance in other countries.

In Morocco, for instance, six Safran companies employ more than 2,000 people, 56% of whom are women (and 40% of all managers). To encourage efforts in this area, in 2012 Safran invited Moroccan opinion leaders to a meeting in Rabat with Safran employees, where we highlighted our commitment and shared best practices with regard to training for women. 


Long-term support

Table ronde « La Diversité dans l’Innovation : atteindre de nouveaux sommets »

As part of efforts to bring more women into the workforce, Safran strives to unlock the full potential of its female staff through engaging career opportunities.

Most Safran companies have signed the Group's gender equality agreements, resulting in concrete improvements in equal compensation and career advancement. We also deploy a range of actions to help employees achieve good work-life balance, especially maternity leaves and other support measures.

Women at Safran*


Icone Femmes - Blanc Fond Alpha x50
  • More than 32% new hires worldwide are women.
  • Women represent more than 26% of Safran's global workforce and 9% of management staff.

*Figures 2017


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