Disabled employees

Safran has long marshaled its energies to change the perception of disabled persons and reaffirm our commitment to fighting all forms of discrimination.
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Supporting the hiring and continued employment of disabled persons.

In France, Safran has long applied a proactive policy in favor of the hiring and continued employment of the disabled. This policy is reflected in a Group-wide, three-year agreement (2012-2014) signed by all unions on April 6, 2012. Through this agreement, we reaffirm our commitment to the application of concrete actions to support the employment of disabled persons. The actions spread out within the framework of the agreement for the insertion of disabled people allowed in 2015 the hiring of 34 disabled workers among whom about 75 % are under permanent contract as well as the integration of 32 apprentices and 19 interns.

Our corporate Disabled Employment team applies our policy in this area. It coordinates a network of correspondents who oversee actions deployed in all Group companies.

Throughout the world, Safran is firmly committed to compliance with local laws, regulations and recommendations concerning disabled persons in the workplace.

In France, Safran had over 1,900 disabled workers*.

Group-wide, disabled workers account from 4.6 to 5 % between 2016 and 2017*.

Safran bought 4.5 million euros worth of products and services from sheltered workshops and adapted enterprises*.

* Figures 2017

Measures to support the employment of disabled persons

Safran supports work-study programs for the disabled, an excellent springboard for integration in the work environment. As part of our in-house program Elan, started in 2006, Group companies help train disabled persons enrolled in these programs. Over the years, Safran has welcomed nearly 200 persons as part of this initiative.

Several specific partnerships also support these actions, in particular through two associations.


Safran is a founding member of Hanvol, an association initiated by French aerospace industry association Gifas in 2010. It was created to welcome disabled persons of all ages for training in aerospace professions, based on work-study programs.



Safran is a partner in this association, which provides personalized support to disabled students in affiliated schools and universities. Support continues throughout their education, all the way through their first job. It also offers information sessions for disabled junior high and high school students.


Academic partners

the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), as well as schools in the Toulouse area to support this policy. We operate at three main levels:

  • Mobilize the resources needed so that disabled students can continue their education in a normal environment.
  • Help them succeed by offering personalized support.
  • Foster their integration in the workplace.
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