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Trade show
Jun 2022
Jun 2022
Paris Nord Villepinte
ZAC Paris Nord 2
93420 Villepinte – FRANCE
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Jun 2022
Paris Nord Villepinte
ZAC Paris Nord 2
93420 Villepinte – FRANCE

Safran Electronics & Defense at Eurosatory 2022



Dismounted Combat Zone Cluster

High Glide

SMTCOPS, The New French Multi Mission Parachute System

MMS 400 HG

  • The latest addition to our Multi Mission System parachute family, the MMS 400 HG features the exceptional PHANTOM 400® main and reserve canopies, as well as a harness bag specifically designed to meet the requirements of the French Special Operation Forces and Paratroopers (SMTCOPS program).
  • Since March 1st, 2022, the MMS 400 HG is the only parachute in the world to be certified by a national civil aviation agency following high altitude drops at 29,500 ft (10,000 m). It thus offers a unique and exceptional level of performance for jumps at very high altitude (HALO/HAHO).

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Advanced Combat Parachute System

Rigging and packing of an EPC*


  • The latest-generation troop parachute EPC (Ensemble de Parachutage du Combattant, Advanced Combat Parachute System) offers the best performance in the world in terms of maximum gross weight (180 kg) and minimum drop height (80 m).
  • Combining reliability and ease of maintenance, the EPC is now used by some ten European nations, which has resulted in it becoming the NATO reference Combat Parachute System for troop mass release.

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JIM COMPACT(Jumelle multifonction légère longue portée avec une connectivité avancée) & Télémètre laser de poche

JIM Compact

  • Building on the success of the JIM LR with more than 10,000 units already in service or on order, as well as its expertise in optronics and sensor miniaturization, Safran has developed the JIM Compact: a lightweight, multifunctional, long-range binocular system.
  • This fully integrated system weighs less than 2 kg (including battery) and is equipped with three complementary optical channels: high-performance daytime, low-light, and cooled infrared. It comes with a full range of functionalities, software, and accessories to meet the specific requirements of each mission.
  • JIM Compact offers the best performance-to-weight ratio of any device in the long-range binocular market, providing operational forces with solutions tailored precisely to what they need to ensure the success of their missions.

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Soldier with ECOTI


  • Small and lightweight, the ECOTI enhanced clip-on thermal imager can be mounted on night vision goggles (NVGs) in just a few seconds, integrating seamlessly to provide state-of-the-art long-wave infrared capability.
  • With its thermal sensors and high-performance optics, ECOTI is particularly effective in extremely low light conditions and in visually obstructed theaters. It enhances night vision and provides the user with better threat detection and tactical situational awareness.
  • ECOTI can also display Battle Management System (BMS) information on the soldier’s HUD for route navigation.

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Moskito TI


  • Thanks to its direct optical, low light and infrared channels, the MOSKITO TI family of multifunction monoculars provides infantry and special forces with exceptional tactical situational awareness at any time of the day or night, even in the harshest conditions.
  • Drawing on Safran’s expertise in optronics and sensor miniaturization, the MOSKITO TI integrates the essential functions of target observation, range finding and geo-location. It thus offers best-in-class recognition capabilities while being lighter (under 1.4 kg) than any other similar device on the market.
  • At Safran, we are continuously developing our range of accessories and software with a view to fully meeting the operational requirements of tomorrow. The MOSKITO TI family of monoculars can thus be upgraded to include all our latest available software, such as mapping software.

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Embedded Combat Zone Cluster

Geonyx™, a new inertial navigation system for armies


  • Launched in 2018, the Geonyx™ family of inertial navigation units addresses three types of applications for land forces: navigation, target geolocation and artillery pointing. Its reliability is guaranteed in even the most extreme conditions and full GNSS-denied environments.
  • Thanks to its HRG Crystal™ technology, Geonyx™ is totally unaffected by the extreme vibrations and shocks of artillery guns, ensuring exceptional reliability and giving it a virtually unlimited and maintenance-free lifespan.

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PASEO™ Crystal

  • With the integration of the ONYX™ inertial navigation system, the PASEO™ Crystal artillery forward observation sight provides reliable vehicle navigation positioning and target geolocation (TLE CAT 1: 0 - 6 km) in full GNSS-denied environments. Mounted on a telescopic mast, the PASEO™ Crystal will equip all Griffon VOA artillery observation vehicles of the Scorpion program.

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  • PASEO is a latest-generation very-long-range observation and attack sight intended for infantry vehicles and main battle tanks. Highly versatile, PASEO is perfectly suited to 30-155 mm caliber guns.
  • It provides optimal identification, targeting and firing capabilities on both static and moving targets, both day and night.
  • To date, Safran Electronics & Defense has delivered 1,500 PASEO sights. Launched in 2016, the PASEO family notably equips the @JohnCockerill C3030 and C3105 turrets on the @GDLS AB program, as well as the Medium Tank and the Combat Boat from @PT Pindad. It also equips the JAGUAR from @Nexter.

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Air-Land Support Combat Zone Cluster

EUROFLIR 410 – Airborne electro-optical system

Euroflir™ 410

  • The Euroflir™ 410 enables helicopters, aircraft and UAVs to carry out intelligence, protection, and search and rescue missions in all weather conditions, thanks to its long-range observation and high-precision targeting and designation capabilities.
  • With its multi-spectral telescope that integrates up to 10 sensors, as well as its stabilized line of sight, the Euroflir™ 410 enables pilots to operate at standoff distance, at any time of the day or night, for the quick and safe identification of people in danger or various types of threats.
  • The Euroflir™ 410 is available in three versions: Surveillance / Marking / Designation.

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Tigre Strix


  • Visit our stand (Hall 6, F70) to discover the Euroflir™ 510, the sight for the Tiger MkIII combat helicopter.
  • Safran Electronics & Defense will be providing 85 latest-generation Euroflir™ 510 optronic sights to equip the French and Spanish Tiger MkIII helicopters from 2027 onwards.
  • Thanks to its various sensors, combined with powerful embedded image processing technology, the Euroflir™ 510 reduces the cognitive load of operators during their missions (flying in degraded visual environments (DVE), remote identification of missile security, gunnery and guiding of missiles and rockets), while avoiding friendly fire and collateral damage.



Automation Systems



Land Robotics


  • Safran Electronics & Defense designs and manufactures vehicule automation systems based on a "safe and secure" modular architecture and hardware/software functional chains integrating expertise from our core businesses:
    • Multisensor and multispectral perception of the environment
    • Geolocation and reliable navigation
    • Critical on-board computers and software
    • Data processing using IA.
  • Safran Electronics & Defense aims to become the preferred partner for platform operators seeking more autonomous mobility features. With their unique technical expertise, our teams have strengthened and expanded their skills over the past several years through major projects such as PST FURIOUS, funded by the French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA), and the European project IMUGS, funded by the European Defense Fund.
  • Robotic projects have also been carried out with platform operators such as UNAC with their RIDER vehicle or Shark Robotics with their Barakuda robot. These two platforms are presented on our stand at Eurosatory 2022.

Air delivery systems

  • Safran is the only European player (outside of the UK) to supply air delivery systems, and the first European integrator to develop a cargo drop system designed for the A400M.
  • We offer tailor-made airdrop systems for all types of cargo, comprising side door release systems for small packages (up to 320 kg) and gravity release systems for heavy cargo.
  • Visit our outdoors stand to discover the Fardier vehicle adapted for airdrops.
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