Safran enters the era of big data

Safran Analytics is the Group's dedicated big data entity, tasked with creating value by tapping into the wealth of data generated through Safran's business activities.

As the digital workplace progressively becomes reality, the aerospace, defense and security industries are generating massive volumes of data, via both production facilities and sensors embedded in products.

Safran is deploying a big data strategy to unlock the value of all this data and enhance performance. Safran Analytics unites the Group's skills in this field to support Safran companies in their digital transformation through tailored data analysis projects.

Safran analytics

"Safran Analytics integrates the strengths of a corporate structure with the agility of a start-up," says Ghislaine Doukhan, head of Safran Analytics. "We help Safran companies exploit agility by combining the Group's business expertise with the skills of our dedicated data scientists, data engineers, developers and project leaders. The aim is to optimize internal processes and develop new value-added services. This expertise can be used on practically unlimited applications in a vast number of areas."

For example, by analyzing the data generated throughout the production cycle of a part, any risks likely to impact quality can be identified early in the process. Collecting and analyzing aircraft flight data and correlating it with weather data can further our understanding on how corrosion develops on certain components, enabling us to optimize maintenance scheduling. By harnessing the value of big data, Safran Analytics is developing innovative services tailored closely to the needs of Safran customers, especially reducing fuel consumption. 



Safran Analytics helps improve internal processes and develop innovative services that allow customers to reduce their operating costs. 

Ghislaine Doukhan
Big data


BOOST® is a platform of online services that enable customers to improve the management and maintenance of their helicopter engines. With BOOST®, maintenance operators can consult a "digital engine logbook" that contains links to online engineering publications. The application lets operators see the full product history and contact the engine manufacturer if necessary, making maintenance operations faster and simpler.

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SFCO2 is a custom-tailored service designed to help airlines reduce operating costs, especially through greater fuel efficiency. The service leverages Safran's expertise as OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and its proven capabilities for collecting and analyzing operational and technical data generated by airlines. Based on a cross-cutting analysis of all this data, Safran's experts work hand in hand with airlines to diagnose the situation and implement solutions to achieve up to a 5% reduction in fuel consumption – helping them boost their competitiveness and reduce their carbon footprint.

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