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Leader mondial sur le marché des systèmes de câblages électriques pour l’aéronautique, Safran Electrical & Power est fournisseur de Boeing et d’Airbus, pour l’ensemble des programmes civils tels que l’A380 et le B787 Dreamliner. Dans le domaine militaire, il équipe de nombreux avions de combat, par exemple le Rafale (Dassault Aviation), le F-22 (Boeing) ou le F-16 (Lockheed Martin).

Safran has developed expertise in all electrical applications on aircraft, and works with the world's leading civil and military aircraft manufacturers in all main categories:

  • Mainline commercial jets (over 100 seats): Airbus, Boeing.
  • Regional and business aircraft: Bombardier Aerospace (LearJet), Dassault, Hawker Beechcraft, Embraer, Pilatus.
  • Military aircraft: Dassault Aviation (Rafale), Lockheed Martin (F-16 and F-22).

A recognized expert in aircraft electrical systems, Safran spans all functions, including generation distribution, conversion, wiring, load management, systems integration and ventilation.

Safran is among the world's leading producers of power supplies and converters for electrical actuators. Building on these skills, we were chosen, for example, to supply the electrical wiring interconnection systems on the Airbus A380 (500 kilometers of wiring), as well as the 3,500 connectors and 40,000 cable segments on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Safran, a major player in the current trend towards “more electric” aircraft

Safran is also a major player in the current trend towards "more electric" aircraft, in which the traditional hydraulic and pneumatic systems are replaced by electrically-driven systems that offer higher performance and reliability, combined with lower operating costs.

Another major innovation offering both environmental and economic benefits is the innovative electric taxiing system. It allows airplanes to taxi without using their jet engines, via electric motors driving the main landing gear wheels. The system will equip both new aircraft and aircraft already in service (retrofit).


Safran Electrical and Power: Safran provides electrical and power systems for both civil and military aircraft, including generation, distribution, conversion, electrical components, wiring, systems integration and support services.

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