Safran is the world leader in the commercial aircraft seats segment (economy class seats for twin-aisle jets). The Group designs, certifies and assemblies aircraft seats for crews and passengers. The continuous improvement of seat comfort and ergonomics is at the heart of Safran's development strategy in this field. Today, one million Safran seats are in service in fleets all over the world.

The Group offers a complete range of products, including passenger seats for economy, premium economy, business and first class, crew seats (pilots, hostesses, stewards seats) and helicopter seats.

The Group also provides technical and commercial support to its customers worldwide throughout the product's lifetime. 

An optimized business class solution

Optima Seat

Offering a unique balance between passenger comfort and airlines' operational efficiency, the OPTIMA® seat stands out for its high-level, modular privacy, due notably to direct aisle access. Maximizing living and working features, it also meets the needs of passengers traveling as a group. 



Safran Seats: Safran Seats designs, certifies and assembles aircraft seats for crew and passengers, that combine ergonomics, comfort, design and space optimization. Safran Seats also provides technical and commercial support to all customers worldwide throughout the life of its products.

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