In-flight entertainment

"Rack room" : salle où les rangées d'écrans sont configurées pour tester et évaluer le système RAVE avant livraison à la compagnie aérienne

Music, films, games, Wi-Fi... In a context of growth in air transport, the In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) offered by airlines has become a major competitive advantage. Safran is responding to this demand with innovative and differentiating in-flight entertainment and connectivity solutions.

The Group has developed leading positions by focusing on « Seat Centric » technology: unlike conventional systems based on central storage and routers, all information is stored in each seat's IFE system. As a result, the IFE system is more reliable, less expensive to buy and maintain, and offers a user experience underpinned by HD screens and a reliable interface that is welcomed by passengers.

RAVE, an innovative and reliable in-flight entertainment system

Système de divertissement en vol RAVE (I.F.E)

Safran Passenger Solutions helps airlines deliver an exceptional passenger experience through the innovative technological solutions of the RAVETM system.

This modular and versatile system is available in several variants, giving passengers access to a wide variety of entertainment and information programs: recent films, television, music, interactive maps, etc. All these programs can be displayed on the screens integrated into passengers' seats, but also on their portable electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) via a Wi-Fi network.

For the thousands of passengers who use it every year, the RAVETM system also means connectivity. The system can provide high-speed Internet access, as well as a GSM and 3G data transmission network that automatically starts up at 3,000 meters above the ground.

Safran Passenger Solutions' RAVETM in-flight entertainment system benefits from the latest technological advances with lightweight, low-power displays and storage solutions for all types of content. For airline customers, it reduces the holding cost and simplifies maintenance. It has already been chosen by more than 45 airlines. 

Safran Passenger Solutions: As an innovation leader, the company is the creator of RAVE for the inflight entertainment (IFE) market.

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