Helicopter engines

Le MTR390 motorise le Tigre, hélicoptère de combat et franco-allemand. Bimoteur, de 5 à 7 tonnes, il accueille 2 personnes (le pilote et le tireur).

Safran is the world's leading manufacturer of gas turbine engines for both civil and military helicopters.

We design, produce, sell and support a complete range of turbine engines for this market. More than 18,000 Turbomeca engines already power helicopters built by the world's leading manufacturers: Airbus Helicopters, Bell Helicopter, Leonardo, Avicopter, Sikorsky, Russian Helicopters, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Korea Aerospace Industries etc.

In the military sector, Safran powers the Tiger, NH90, Finmeccanica Helicopters A109 Power, AW101 and many others. Helicopters powered by Safran are deployed by 2,500 customers in 150 countries.

Safran offers several main engine families: Arrius and Arriel (up to 1,000 shaft horsepower), for light and medium helicopters; TM333, Arrano and Ardiden (rated at 1,000 to 2,000 SHP), for civil and military machines in the 5 to 8 ton class; Makila and RTM322 (over 2,000 SHP), for heavy rotorcraft.

International partnerships


Montage des accessoires sur le moteur Makila 2

Safran is also involved in several international partnerships to make the following engines: MTR390, with Rolls-Royce, MTU and ITP (powering the Airbus Helicopters Tiger); Shakti, with HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.) for the Dhruv; WZ16, with AVIC of China (for the Avicopter AC352); Ariel 2L2, with Hanwha Techwin (for the Korea Aerospace Industries LCH and LAH).

Technological innovation at Safran is anchored in a complete understanding of customers' needs, while also meeting imperatives for reliability and operational cost-effectiveness. It also includes Safran's commitment to sustainable development.

These new-generation engines feature reduced operating costs and unrivaled performance, including: 15% lower fuel consumption, reduced environmental footprint, greater payload capacity.


Safran Helicopter Engines: The world's leading manufacturer of helicopter engines (civil and military), Safran designs, produces, sells and supports gas turbine engines for all types of rotorcraft.

Safran Power Units: A specialist in the design, manufacturing and customer service of power systems: auxiliary power units (APU) and starting systems for aircraft and helicopters.

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