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Safran’s commitments

In addition to its driving progress through technology, Safran plays a role as a responsible corporate citizen and leading actor in the economy. Safran has made commitments on multiple fronts, including cultural and social philanthropy, a boat sponsorship project, and the fight against climate change.

Safran’s social model

Safran’s social model, nourishing our roots, is built on respect for people, their ability to work together and grow in the world of business. It also reflects our commitment to ensuring long-term career satisfaction and well-being for Group employees.



Safran’s corporate philanthropy applies to three areas: solidarity, social inclusion and music. It has established long-term relationships with associations and non-governmental organizations addressing these objectives. It also foster synergies between its social and cultural initiatives, a singular approach in the corporate world.


Boat sponsorship

Safran sponsors a major ocean racing program, based on the Safran Open 60 class monohull racing yacht, that shares three defining characteristics with our own corporate culture: leading-edge technologies, a taste for challenges that push the envelope, and long-term partnerships.


Environmental protection

Safran environmental policy covers the entire life cycle of our products. They are of course friendlier to the environment during use, but in addition they are manufactured using less-polluting processes. Furthermore, we are involved in disposal or recycling when these products reach end-of-life.


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