Safran is recruiting engineers for some Very Important Missions

During the first quarter of 2012, Safran launched a large-scale recruitment advertising campaign, designed to strengthen recognition of its brand and its attractiveness as an employer, both in France and in international markets. The Safran group will be hiring 6,000 new employees in 2012.

"More than ever, we have to be able to attract the top talents if we want to continue to design tomorrow's technologies and leverage our growth. Being able to recruit top talents today will determine our future success. "With this campaign, we are addressing candidates in terms of their expectations, which Safran can legitimately fulfill. Our targets are men and women who are passionate about high technology: we introduce them to Safran’s key technologies and areas of expertise. They also want their professional lives to have meaning and to feel that they serve a purpose for the surrounding world, so we explain that working at Safran also means contributing to the concrete solutions that address today’s economic, social and environmental challenges. Lastly, they are looking for a particular mindset, so we recount the 'pride and passion' of the people who are the daily essence of Safran."

Deployment of the Safran recruitment ad campaign

The recruitment ad campaign is being rolled out in France, and will then be extended to international markets later in 2012. The campaign’s multimedia presence should significantly enhance the Safran employer brand, since it covers the press (leading national dailies and weekly news magazines), billboards in train stations in all major French cities, online, including job and student websites, and of course social networks. It will also be posted internally, so that all Group employees can pass on the key messages.

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