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The wide variety of jobs and areas of expertise at Safran means a broad range of career opportunities. One of the major advantages is dynamic job mobility, with employees able to transfer between companies, countries, jobs and businesses, thanks to our global presence.


Jean-Luc Bérard

Safran Vice President, Human Resources
"We give young people all the training, resources and career opportunities they could want."


New hires at Safran enjoy special orientation and integration measures, at both company and Group level. Safran takes a proactive approach to informing our employees about all job opportunities, and providing the training and other support measures needed by those moving to management positions.


Safran University

Safran created Safran University to support our transformation and growth. Designed to develop the skills of all employees and further their career aims, the University also fosters a common corporate culture and training environment.


Career management

Safran’s HR staff also act as career management advisors, to encourage and facilitate each employee’s career development. This aid is often provided through specialized units to offer support when changing jobs.


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