Now boarding: "Your Journey with Safran"!

Discover "Your Journey with Safran", a new application for Apple and Android smartphones, and plunge into Safran's world of innovation and high technology.

According to Catherine Bainier-Girard, head of Safran's audiovisual unit in Corporate Communications, "Through 'Your Journey' we wanted to leave the beaten path of corporate applications, and give the general public a whole new experience in the world of Safran. This app allows people to learn about Safran in a very entertaining way. It is intended not only for aerospace enthusiasts and students, but also for our shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees. The idea behind this new 3D app can be summarized as "seeing Safran in a brand new light": you're a traveler who is ready to take a plane at the airport. Real 360° navigation allows you to move around the airport during the different stages of your journey. You can personalize your trip, and also access a wide range of content: real-time 3D, animations, photos, quizzes and more. Moving through this sleek, well-lighted airport, you can explore Safran's businesses by using our systems and equipment in the different settings: departures, luggage check-in, passport control, boarding lounge, the aircraft cabin, etc.

"Your Journey" offers an interactive, in-depth experience, with a focus on Safran's technologies, innovations and areas of expertise in its core businesses: airplane and helicopter engines and equipment, rocket propulsion, defense and security. Animations have been developed so you can try out Safran's products, such as the Morpho CTX, which detects illicit and dangerous substances in checked luggage.

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