Safran at a glance

Safran at a glance

Safran is an international high-technology group and tier-1 supplier of systems and equipment in its core markets of Aerospace, Defense and Security.

Operating worldwide, Safran has 69,000 employees and logged sales of 15.4 billion euros in 2014. Comprising a number of companies, Safran holds, alone or in partnership, world or European leadership positions in its markets. Safran undertakes extensive Research & Development programs to keep pace with its fast-evolving markets, including expenditures of 2 billion euros in 2014. 


13 %
Icone Ingénierie - 50x66 Bleue
of consolidated revenues invested in
Icone Brevet - Bleue 50x66
filled in 2013
Ranked among
Top 100
Icone Mecenat - Bleue 50x100
Global Innovators
by Thomson Reuters
Icone Avions Civils - Bleue 50x66
supplier of engines for mainline jets
(over 100 seats), in partnership with GE
Icone Helicopteres - Bleue 50x66
manufacturer of helicopter turbine engines
Icone Fusee - Bleue 50x66
in cryogenic rocket engines and solid rocket motors
Icone Avions Militaires - Bleue 50x66
worldwide in military aircraft engines
Icone Trains Aterrissage - Bleue 50x66
manufacturer of landing gear, wheels and carbon brakes
(for mainline jets with over 100 seats)
Icone Système Electriques - Bleue 50x66
manufacturer of aircraft wiring systems
Icone Moteurs Avions - Bleue 50x66
manufacturer of power transmissions
(for mainline jets with over 100 seats)
world leader
Icone Avions Civils - Bleue 50x66
in aircraft engine nacelles
Icone Helicopteres - Bleue 50x66
manufacturer of helicopter flight controls
Icone Drones - Bleue 50x66
in tactical drones
Icone Jumelles - Bleue 50x66
in optronic systems
Icone Avions Militaires - Bleue 50x66
in inertial navigation systems
Icone Docus Identite - Bleue 50x66
in biometric identity solutions
Icone Empreinte Digitale - Bleue 50x66
in automated identification systems
based on fingerprint, iris and facial recognition
Icone Valise - Bleue 50x66
manufacturer of computed tomography explosive detection systems
for checked luggage

Corporate governance

Corporate governance

Safran is a French-registered company, listed on NYSE Euronext Paris. Its share is part of the French stock market index, CAC 40.

Safran's corporate management calls on an Executive Committee representing the Group's different businesses to implement the strategic objectives defined by the Board of Directors. This governance principle guarantees a balance of power, and ensures quick responsiveness for Safran, to meet the changing requirements of its economic, financial and competitive environment.

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Safran worldwide

Vue générale des installations et des équipements dans l'usine de Turbomeca do Brasil.
Les employés travaillent sur le moteur Makila 2 au premier plan.
Turbomeca Manufacturing Inc. est situé à Monroe en Caroline du Nord. Ce site de production hors France est dédié à la fabrication de pièces de turbines.
Le site produit entre autres des pièces spécifiques de l’Arriel 1E2 qui équipe le UH- 72A d’Eurocopter.

Installée sur un terrain de 17 ha, cette usine couvre une surface de 9300 m2.

Safran's broad international footprint enables us to build business and industrial partnerships with the world's leading prime contractors and operators, respond quickly and locally to customer needs, and continuously strengthen our competitive edge.

Safran's presence spans the globe. We deploy production plants, research facilities, service centers and sales offices worldwide as part of a global industrial strategy that underpins our performance. We are committed to providing responsive local solutions and winning new markets.

Safran numbers


Safran worldwide



The world's oldest aircraft engine manufacturer, Safran has gradually been built by consolidating prestigious aerospace, defense and security companies.

Discover Safran's history

Discover Safran's museum website

Créé en 1985 et rénové en 2000, le musée aéronautique et spatial Safran, implanté sur le site de Melun-Villaroche, présente de nombreux aéronefs, motos, voitures, et une collection unique de plus de 100 moteurs d’avions et de fusées.


Suppliers portal

Safran's purchasing policy

With annual purchases exceeding 8 billion euros, Safran applies a purchasing policy that helps meet our strategic objectives of excellence, competitiveness and innovation. Our policy is anchored in long-term relationships and sharing methods and values with our suppliers, plus supporting them on a daily basis.


International day of presentation, technical and operational testing of the felin system in urban fight. Cenzub (training center in urban areas), Sissonne (02), april 13, 2011
Snecma (Safran) and Mecachrome signed on April 14th, 2014 the procurement contract for titanium-aluminide (TiAl) blades on the low-pressure turbine of the CFM International  LEAP engine. The contract was signed at a ceremony attended by Stéphane Le Foll, French Minister for Agriculture, Agrifoods and Forestry, government spokesman and a member of the French parliament representing the Sarthe region.
Group - Suppliers - M88 Pack GGP (M88-4E)
The Vélizy facility includes an extensive capability from brake, wheel and systems testing laboratories to equipment complete integration benches.


Meeting regulatory requirements and supporting long-term relationships

Safran's purchasing policy is in line with our commitment to excellence and competitiveness, and is fully consistent with our industrial policy and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy.
The aim of our purchasing policy is to focus on suppliers who meet our requirements and comply with the specific regulations governing the aerospace, defense and security markets. Our suppliers are also expected to make a long-term commitment to Safran through a balanced, mutually beneficial relationship.


On October 9, 2012, more than 600 buyers from Group companies participated in Safran Buyers' Day 2012 at the Palais des Congrès conference center in Issy-les Moulineaux, near Paris. Safran Vice President for Purchasing Xavier Dessemond took advantage of this opportunity to meet with his purchasing teams and review the challenges facing their profession, which plays a critical role in Safran's overall performance.

Xavier Dessemond, Safran Vice President, Purchasing

Our aim is to ensure that our suppliers' performance meets the expectations of Safran and our customers. That means concentrating our activities around suppliers capable of ensuring the long-term competitiveness needed to boost our market shares. In turn, we demand unyielding excellence from our suppliers in terms of guaranteeing quality and on-time delivery. We also expect them to contribute innovations, and get involved very early in our own developments.

Xavier Dessemond, Safran Vice President, Purchasing


Safran’s areas of production and non-production purchasing

Safran's areas of production and non-production purchasing

Four main thrusts

Safran's purchasing policy has four main thrusts:

  • Develop a group of suppliers capable of:
    • Meeting Safran's current and future performance needs, in terms of cost, quality and deadlines, along with technological expertise and innovation.
    • Guaranteeing that Safran's CSR strategy will be applied throughout the supply chain at their level, notably working with sheltered workshops and adapted enterprises.
  • Foster suppliers' involvement early in Safran's development programs, to make sure we can meet all customer requirements, by allowing our suppliers to:
    • Propose their own innovations.
    • Bring all their expertise to the table so we can design and build the best and most cost-effective Safran products, in line with our health, safety and environment (HSE) standards.
  • Promote procedures, and management and monitoring tools shared by all Safran companies to improve the operation of our supply chain and relations with suppliers.
  • Support key suppliers to help them adapt their organizational structure to meet Safran's expectations and changing market requirements.


Safran's purchasing policy

Safran's purchasing policy is deployed according to the following principles:

  • In line with Safran's Code of Ethics and best practices listed in the Business Mediation Charter.
  • In compliance with Safran's commitments to public authorities, trade associations and other partners.
  • Based on:
    • ongoing collaboration between Safran companies and the corporate purchasing culture and network;
    • coordinated actions by all Safran staff working with suppliers;
    • involvement of the Purchasing department throughout our products' life cycles.
  • Each Safran company has its own Purchasing department, which adapts the corporate purchasing policy to the specific requirements of its own markets. Each entity is responsible for managing its own production purchases.


Excerpt from the speech by Xavier Dessemond, Safran Vice President, Purchasing, during Suppliers' Day 2013, the first convention organized by Safran for its suppliers, held on November 22, 2013 in Paris.


Corporate Purchasing

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Coordination of production purchasing between Safran companies.
  • • Management of non-production purchasing for all Safran companies, through the Shared Services Center (SSC), Safran Purchasing.


Working with Safran

Working together to boost performance

Safran expects our suppliers to engage in proactive continuous improvement to improve performance and competitiveness. In return, we work closely with our suppliers to help them achieve these goals.

Aircelle, Safran is a leading worldwide nacelle market for aircraft engines. 

The integration workshops in Toulouse are located close to the aircraft manufacturer sites and provide support on the final assembly line. The aim of the integration activity is to deliver a complete propulsion unit to the customer (engine and nacelle).


Purchasing volume of
€ 8.2 billion
in 2013
1,200 buyers
across Safran
Purchasing general terms and conditions (GTC) applicable under French law

Safran Purchasing

Safran Purchasing: non-production purchases

Reporting directly to Corporate Purchasing, the Shared Services Center (SSC) "Safran Purchasing" handles non-production purchasing for all Safran companies. It pools all indirect non-production purchases from 10,000 suppliers and handles a total annual order volume of €2.7 billion from suppliers worldwide.

The new Paul-Louis Weiller building groups Safran’s shared services centers, corporate departments and pooled functions.

Ten purchasing categories

Group - Suppliers - Silvercrest on the test bench - Istres

Safran Purchasing includes some 250 buyers worldwide, who handle purchasing in the ten following categories:

  • Construction, infrastructure, facility management & energy
  • Communications
  • Industrial & non-industrial consumables
  • Transportation, logistics and travel
  • Information technology and telecommunications
  • Design and testing services
  • Human resources, training and consulting
  • Capital goods
  • Cutting tools
  • Special tooling


Group  - Suppliers - Designe office  LEAP
€2.7 billion
in annual order volume
250 buyers
worldwide, dedicated to non-production purchasing


Consistency and local support

A centralized team defines and deploys purchasing strategy, negotiates Group contracts and oversees supplier performance. In addition, local on-site purchasing teams liaise closely with users and ensure that purchasing policy and procurement contracts are managed efficiently.


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