Working with Safran

This section contains all the tools and information required to establish an optimal collaboration with the Group.

Organization of Safran Purchasing

Safran Purchasing is organized in three entities:

  • The Group Purchasing Division: This centralized division defines the purchasing strategy for all the product families. It implements the purchasing policy according to the specifics of Safran's markets.
  • Safran Purchasing: Makes indirect and metal and non-metal purchases on behalf of the Group companies. The contact for indirect purchases of goods or services is a Safran Purchasing buyer, but the orders are issued in the name of the companies.
  • Company Purchasing: Operational production purchases are made by the Group companies. Therefore, the contact for this type of purchase is a "company" buyer.

General Purchasing Conditions

Safran takes the dimensions of social responsibility and sustainable development into consideration, while paying attention to the equity of contractual relations, in particular in the Group-wide general purchasing conditions. (general purchasing conditions applicable to other countries are available on request)


Purchasing general terms and conditions (GTC) applicable under French law

The supplier requirements reference documents

The Safran supplier requirements reference documents (SAFe) comprise:

  • The list of Safran requirements applicable to suppliers contributing to the manufacture of products for the Group (procedure: GRP-0087).
  • The Supplier's Guide (procedure: GRM-0123)
  • The matrix of compliance with Safran requirements (procedure: GRF-0033).  

The application of these reference documents differs according to the degree of maturity of the suppliers and the types of goods or services delivered.

Invoice Hotline

Suppliers can call a hotline with their questions about Group company invoices.

On May 19th, the Safran symbol will become the sole logo for all Group' companies. From this date onwards, the company names – starting with tier-1 companies – have change in order to include the Safran brand and a description of their main activitie.

Please find down here, the new Kbis of Safran group companies:

Suppliers, help you the following documents for billing.