The Safran purchasing policy

The functioning and commitments of Safran Group corporate purchasing department

Four major priorities

Safran's purchasing policy is structured around four main priorities:


  • Building a panel of suppliers in line with the Group's current and future needs, while taking the CSR dimension into consideration.
  • Involving suppliers from an early stage of the Group's developments in order to better meet all its customers' needs.
  • Promoting procedures and control and measurement tools that are shared by all Group companies.
  • Providing specific support to key suppliers.



Safran's purchasing policy is deployed:

  • In keeping with the Group's Ethics Charter of and the good practices included in the Inter-Company Mediation Charter.
  • In accordance with the commitments made by Safran to the public authorities, trade associations and other partners.


It is based on:

  • constant collaboration between the companies, a network and the Safran purchasing culture,
  • close coordination between all the Group players who are in contact with suppliers,
  • the involvement of Purchasing in every phase of the life cycle of the Group's products,
  • a centralized organization and a network of buyers in the Group companies.



Portrait Xavier Dessemond


Our goal is to align the performance of our suppliers with the standards expected by Safran and its customers. This requires us to concentrate our activities on suppliers capable of durably achieving the competitive performance required to develop our market share and, as a prerequisite, an absolute demand for excellence in terms of quality and on-time delivery. We also expect them to be innovative and to be involved in our developments from an early stage.

Xavier Dessemond, Director of Purchasing, Safran